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Sun worshippers show off your summer body in Paolita's new swimwear range.
If your one of the many women who have been working out over the winter months In order to get your body right for your summer vacation then showcase it in one of Paolita sexy and flirty designs, and if you're not treat yourself any way.
From All in one open back playsuits that flatter the female shape to funky lace hoodie cover ups is a must have weather your lounging by a pool in an all-inclusive resort or keeping it cool in the city.

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Get Active, Get Stylish, Get Fit

Staying in shape is important. It keeps you healthy and extends your life. But it also makes you feel better. Your physical, mental and emotional health is stronger when you are healthy. Of course, physical exercise is only part of the battle. You also need to eat well and get plenty of sleep.But when it comes to being active, one of the biggest motivators is dressing the part. When you look good, you feel good, and you can things well. So to get yourself ready for a regular exercise routine, you need to get yourself some stylish activewear. It will help you achieve a better workout, and you'll also look younger. Think about it- most people who stay fit are young, right? So the association between activewear and physical activity is youth. Here are some other reasons to sport some stylish active attire:• You can more easily see the progress your body has made.Since activewear is usually tight fitting, you can watch as your flab gets fit and your skin gets thin. Choose tops that show off your stomach and bottoms that define your legs.• You can see the areas that need the most work.You don't want to pick yourself, or your body apart, but activewear helps you see which parts of your body might benefit from some tightening and toning.• It pushes you to look good for potential suitors.If you know that people are going to see you exercising, wearing stylish activewear is just one more way for you to push yourself to get fit.Maybe you don't feel comfortable wearing exercise clothing that is tight, or that highlights the areas of your body that you want to work on. But if you really get a good workout, you're going to sweat and get your heart rate going. You want to make sure that you are wearing clothing that allows you to breathe and keeps you cool. Most activewear is made to serve that purpose, so it is beneficial to wear it instead of clothing that you might feel more comfortable in. You can always start your daily routine at home and then venture outside once you're more comfortable in your skin.If you're a beginner at the whole exercise thing, or you want to start small, here are a few easy ways to get more physical in your daily routine:• Take the stairs instead of the elevator• Park your car far from where you need to go• Eat your lunch outside if the weather is nice• Cook dinner at home instead of eating outYou might wonder how the last two bullet points will help you get more fit. The truth is, the more time you spend outside, the more likely you are to keep spending time outside. It helps encourage you to get out and walk, or explore the outdoors through things like hiking or biking. Likewise, cooking at home encourages a healthier diet, and even the smallest bit of moving around your kitchen is better than sitting in your car to order less healthy food.Once you've established a routine that you feel good about, get yourself some stylish activewear to go along with it. You'll look and feel younger, and you'll live much longer.Written by guest blogger Bella Gocher 

Hupfeld Hoerder

My name is Hupfeld Evers Hoerder and I am from the beautiful, Fiji Islands. I am of a Rotuman- German Origin born and raised in Fiji. I have worked in the Fashion Industry in Fiji for over twenty five years. I began designing whilst pursuing my undergrad studies at University with just making simple shift dresses to casual resort wear, slowly the demand grew for more formal gowns and bridal wear incorporating authentic fiber with a westernized design and this eventually lead into haute couture category.Most of my garments are exclusive designs and on made-to-measure mode. I have also moved into textile designs, where I have created fabric designs for our Fiji National Athletes to the Olympic and Commonwealth games, with some other major organizations in Fiji. I have also won national fashion and business awards that has immensely put me on an advantage position. In 2008, I was the only designer in the pacific that was represented at the fist Islands of the World Fashion Week and was a finalist for both major categories in Cultural Wear and Eco-Wear. And recently represented Fiji at Style Pasifika Fashion Show in New Zealand as part of the "Real New Zealand Festival and the Rugby World Cup in October 2011.Currently, I have started manufacturing a limited edition line targeting the affluent market and have started distributing them at selective outlets in Fiji. Eventually, I would like to have the opportunity tap into the international market. My accolades of awards both national and international and participation in international fashion shows have given me many opportunities and exposure. I now have established a niche market with Fijians and other Pacific Islanders leaving overseas where I have sent exclusive garments and hand painted fabrics as far as the US, Brussels, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Germany and many more.

February Styling fix with SJ.

'The fashionable woman wears clothes. The clothes don't wear her.' - Mary Quant.The cold and bitter weather is not something that can hold a fashionable woman back. Coats, Hats and Scarfs tend to hide our figures and our amazing outfit underneath, but it is still possible to "rip the runway" in a snug coat and some cosy boots. Turtle necks, knitted jumpers and thigh-high boots are some of the latest trends this winter. Warm toned colours such as Brown, Gold and Camel are safe but oh so gorgeous colours to wear this year. So whether you are out for drinks in the evening, en route to work or shopping with your friends, my style board for this month will have heads turning when you enter the room! Remember that everything on this board can be purchased. Feel free to comment below!February Fashion outfit:1. Toast Agi Dress. www.toa.st2. Turner stretch-leather thigh boots. Oasis gold bracelet dial watch. www.oasis-stores.com4. Jaegar wool wrap, camel coat. www.johnlewis.com5. Wide brim felt hat. www.blackfive.comMakeup:1. Nars white nail polish. MAC 6 Lash. www.johnlewis.com3. Bobbi Brown makeup. Naked eye shadow palette www.urbandecay.com5. Wonder'Lash mascara with argon oil. www.rimmellondon.comTrendy Trends:A Tassel is known for being a finishing feature in fabric decoration. Its versions vary in many different cultures around the world. For some cultures like in the Middle East, Tassels on hats were worn as a tradition for spiritual reasons. In other cultures the Tassel on hats symbolised ones prestigious status.Popular in Europe – especially France, the style of the Tassel has changed over the years. Very often you would find Tassels on the end of scarfs, on shoes, clothing and even drapery. The trend has been around for some years but the Tassels are back in fashion this period, but on our bags! Whether the Tassels skirt is sown across the back or attached by a cord, you are sure to be in fashion this season.Tassels on clothing have been worn by many celebrities last year, with the likes of Kim Kardashian and the Serbian pop singer, Jelena Karleusa Tosic. Just the simple addition of a Tassel can give any accessory or clothing the perfect finish. The Tassel is so versatile and can be a great addition to almost anything, giving even the most basic item a vibrant look. Below are Seven of my favourite Tassel bags this season, be sure to get yours!Kim Kardashian, Sept 2014. Pop singer, Jelena Karleusa Tosic, 2014.Bags:1. Rebecca Minkoff, Lexi Bucket Tote for £250. www.revolveclothing.com2. Urbancode Leather Fringed Cross Body Bag for £69. www.ASOS.com3. Black Five Tassel Detailed Shoulder Bag for £22. www.blackfive.com4. ASOS Falt Bar and Chain Tassel Cross Body Bag for £25. www.ASOS.com5. Nly Accessories Fringe Bag for £30. www.nelly.com6. Emilio Pucci, Leather Clutch With Fox Tassel for £434. www.stylebop.com7. AX Paris Tassel Purse for £5.99. www.axparis.comMisguided Active:Still getting rid of your Christmas belly? Well do it in style as Misguided have a new affordable fitness line Active, its time to run off the turkey slices and all the mince pies. Launched on the 20th January, Misguided describes their line as "Empowering" and "Confident" , sure to motivate you to get in the Gym and be active of course. Ranging from sports bras, leggings, hoodies and more who knew you could look so good running on a tredmil? The Misguided website is also showing Eleven fitness videos with the Skinny Bitch Collective, helping and inspiring women to get in shape. The Active foot wear will be lauching sometime this month, now we will be running in style! Written by FF blogger Simone James