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Saturday, 02 March 2013

And the winner of Season 7 is...

Priscilla Shote made history by becoming the first ever commercial model (under 5.7) to win the coveted Top Model of Colour title. The show Featured a special showcase for Rihanna TV series 'Styled to Rock' designers Chanelle Edwards and Ben Moriah and outstanding performances by rapper BREIS & singer/songwriter Sebastian Blake.
Photo Credit: Lucie ZPhotography
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Monday, 06 June 2011

eunice olumide

Place of birth: 06/10/88

Height: 5"9

Educational background: Ma Metaphysics Ba Communications & Mass Media

Country of origin or parents' origin: Nigerian born in Edinburgh, Scotland

How would you describe yourself?

I would describe myself as down to earth, a little tom boyish

Why did you choose to become a model?

I was scouted on several occasions but had never taken it seriously, then one day I though perhaps I shall give it a go and it all started from there

Any interests in acting?


If so, what type of roles attract you?

I work as a model, presenter and actress and have worked on films such as George Clooney's 'The Jacket' and 'Trouble Sleeping' starring Gary Lewis from 'Gangs of New York', 'The Escapist' and 'Billy Elliot'.

What's the part of your body you like most?

All of it ;)

What are the qualities of your ideal man?

Fun, outgoing, mature, good level of commitment, hard working and adventurous!

What would you like to achieve in life?

I would love to do my PHD it has always been a dream of mine

Any advice to those aspiring to become models?

Try to be realistic about your look and look for the correct agent who can get you paid work

As a model, is there any particular thing you'd like to campaign for or against?

I am very anti-war. I understand the world is not perfect but one would think in this day and age there might be another method of debate other than by the use of deadly weapons

What's your message to those who organise fashion events in UK but deny models of colour a chance of taking part?

It is quite bizarre really especially if we look at the impact of such artists including Grace Jones and Josephine Baker. It is a shame and an example of how the UK is behind other nations such as USA into this particular area. But this doesn't just apply to fashion but across all fields including the arts such as acting but also from a political perspective as well.

How can someone book you?

Fashion: AMQ Models Europe/Colours Model Agency/Ford models
Film & Television: Doveteam casting & Creative Agency
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For a new model, applying to agencies can be a daunting prospect.
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Saturday, 01 October 2011


I have been getting loads of emails (well one only, from my top stalker fan) asking me why I have not put up anything on my blog for a while and with such unprecedented, overwhelming demand I felt I had no choice but to respond to my loyal fans and put something up.

The biggest problem I am having is I don't really seem to have anything that is worth talking about, this is partly because all the things I really want to talk about would upset some people and bearing in mind nobody wants to invite me anywhere anymore I have to be careful not to alienate people any further so that the one invitation each year I get to an event won't be withdrawn as well.

I think by now you have gathered that I have absolutely nothing to talk about.

You do however deserve something so let's get down to some nitty gritty and back to a former favourite old subject I use to cover called Moan & Groans.

Moan & Groans...

You Have To Work To Be Successful...

Some promoters and organisers of competitions may be able to relate to this one. What is it with competition winners, such as those that compete in beauty pageants, modelling or talent competitions that feel that once they have won a competition that all they have to do is sit at home and watch East Enders and success would just drop on their lap. Wake up, nothing ever comes for free and without hard work, even if you win the lottery you still have to go and buy a ticket at the shop, check the result and if you did win you would have to go and collect your winnings – so you still have to do something.

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh, what makes some of them think that once they have won they would become superstars and make loads of money by doing nothing, then to make it worse they get upset and jealous of other contestants that decide they are going to use being in the competition to progress their career.

I have seen this happen so many times and I guess that it would be unfair to name particular competitions but I have seen people that have placed second runner up do 100 times better than the person that won, got immense publicity, mixed with the stars , got numerous jobs and became a household name and I admire this particular young lady for her tenacity, strength and perseverance especially bearing in mind the winner and others tried to shut her out of things.

My advice to the organisers is that if you wish to promote your brand you have to adopt the Simon Cowell / Mr Mahogany attitude which is only work with those that want to go places and DUMP those that don't as it a waste of your time and energy.

On this particular issue I will end by saying that jealousy and envy is not good for the soul, since Nana Afua Antwi won season 6 of Top Model of Colour, alongside her admirers she has had a lot of criticism and nasty comments from wanna be and some established models that are jealous of her success, people like Nana and a model I will name as Sro work very hard for what they have achieved, as much as possible they have nice demeanours, are professional, courteous, ambitious, they make the calls, they attend events when they have no money, they talk to people and sell themselves, they market themselves and try and attract positive publicity – they pay their dues. Models, they have not got their success from just sitting at home waiting for the phone to ring, so look towards people like Nana Antwi, Sro and Rachael Williams as inspirations and stop hating.

I Don't Know You, So Stop Talking About Me...

I think age sometimes has a negative effect on people and in this case I am actually referring to myself as I cannot believe how much I have calmed down and that I have been so nice as not to be naming names in my blog, but it is getting to that stage that is enough is enough and if people want to continue slandering my name all over the place I will have no alternative but to declare war and people I fight dirty.

On one hand I take it as a compliment that people feel I am worthy to be spoken about whether it be good or bad however the problem I have is when people say I said something and I didn't. Some of you know me very well and know that I say it as it is (this may not always be a good thing) but at least I am honest and if I have something to say about you I can and will say it to your face. At that point if you disagree with what I say you have the right to cuss me out, slap me or agree with me, I don't feel that I am horrible for the sake of it and hopefully I just say the truth.

Recently I have had a couple of different people, who will remain nameless talk about me to people I know and have lied blatantly to them, saying I said what I didn't say and there is one woman in particular that has been doing this – now before you start thinking that it is the fury of a woman scorned, I can assure you I have never met this woman in my life, I know of her but if I walked passed her on the street I would not know her. To a variety of different people she has said I have said things about them which has caused problems for me with regards to our relationship (o by the way if someone says I said something about you, pick up the dam phone and ask me if I said it and if I did I would tell you or put it into context and if I say to you I did not say it then trust me I did not). Sorry back to this woman, she also has been running down my business and what I do, which is cool as all businesses get criticism but this is different, this is just nasty comments for the sake of it and trying to take away business from me, my friends, my family, my village and anyone else I have ever bought Macdonalds for.

Enough is enough and if I hear one more thing from this woman I am putting her on notice I am coming for you. For those of you in the fashion industry I will give some clues as to whom I am referring to – she is a designer, a stylist and I think she claims to be a show producer (MEOW) and she sees a lot, the last one is cryptic clue.

Beffta Nominations...

I would like to congratulate the Mahogany and Fashions Finest team on the multiple awards that either our models or our companies have been nominated for and they include

Magazine of the year: Fashions Finest
Best Events Promoter:  Mahogany International and Fashions Finest
Best Photographer:  iDeLick Media (official Fashions Finest Photographer)
Best Female Fashion Designer: Adopted Culture (Design Label of TMC Season 6 Winner & Mahogany Model Nana Antwi)
Best Male Model: Ibukun Jegede (TMC Season 3 Winner) & Jason Daniel Best (TMC Season 5 Winner)
Best Female Model: Nana Afua Antwi, Samantha Watson, Gisela Wanjiru Greiner & Abie Koroma, (All Mahogany Models)
Best Modelling Agency: Mahogany Models
Best Wardrobe Stylist: Samantha Watson (a Mahogany Model)

Across the board including models and TMC winners we have a total of 13 Nominations.

Please VOTE FOR US  

The Beffta's will be taking place on 22nd October (BEFFTA stands for Black Entertainment Film Fashion Television & Arts Awards)

Screen Nation...

Don't forget not to miss out on the biggest event of the year, The Screen Nation Film & TV Awards 2011 annual ceremony aka the 'Black Baftas', celebrating outstanding achievements and diversity on the British screen, will take place on Sunday the 16th October 2011 at the indigO2, hosted by one of TV's favourite couples Angellica Bell and Michael Underwood. PURCHASE YOUR TICKETS HERE

Fashions Finest are pleased to be one of the main media sponsors of this event.

This was meant to be a short blog but I got carried away moaning about people, anyway on a lighter mood watch this video, its a little bit old but it was sent to me by MBD and I thought incase you missed it, its worth the watch.

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Friday, 23 September 2011

Lisette Mibo

Place of birth:

Africa (Congo: Kinshasa)

Height: 5'8'

Educational background:

BA degree in Criminology with Sociology
Country of origin or parents' origin:
Africa (Congo: Kinshasa)

How would you describe yourself?

Determined, Unique, Critical and passionate

Why did you choose to become a model?

I discovered my talent as a model from young age and the passion has always been so strong, so there has not been other choice then to follow my dream and what I naturally enjoy doing. However, most importantly, my main goal to becoming a successful supermodel in future, would be to go back home in Congo: Kinshasa and set up a modelling agency and discover talented models who have not got opportunities or even the chance to be discovered.

Any interests in acting? If so, what type of roles attract you?

Yes, definitely acting has always been in the back of my mind and i will definitely in future pursuit the career as i am now focusing on modelling, one step at a time. I am a lover of everyday life type of movies where people can actually watch, relate and learn from it. Further, the roles of a SURVIVOUR attracts me more in the movie for instance after so many obstacles, they still managed to come out of it and carry on and that what life should all be about.

What's the part of your body you like most?

This is quite a tricky question because i believe every part of my body is important and needed but to be more specific and choose, I would say i really do appreciate the family heritage from my mother side and that is my beautiful curves, which complements the clothes very well and it makes me stand out from the crowd, especially in modelling, so yes i would say is part of my identity.

What are the qualities of your ideal man?

I like an easy going man, understanding, supportive and most importantly a man who's able to respect his woman regardless.

What would you like to achieve in life?

The are many things i want to achieve and some I have achieved for example completing my university degree course which was a priority and i had to complete it even when i became heavily pregnant that how much i wanted it done, i just like to finish what i started, quitting is not always the case with me, well it depends lol. Now, as for modelling, i am continuing to work hard and pushing and getting myself involved in shows/competitions that i know will benefit my modelling career for instance being a contestant for this year TOP MODEL OF COULOUR UK 2011 and being in the final really gave me hope for the future. I do not just want to become an international supermodel and stop there, no no no, in future i want to go back home to my country (Congo: Kinshsa) and start up charity foundation for the less privileged because i know what poverty is all about because it as affected me in the past one way or the other because i lived in congo until the age of 14 years. I also want to set up a modelling agency back home also because there are so many talented models are there both males and females, basically the list is long but i leave everything in the hands of the almighty GOD because he is the only one that knows what will become of me in future as i can only predict and plan.

Any advice to those aspiring to become models?

My first advise will be confidence because it is one of the things that got me where i am and where i am going, because confidence gets people thinking and grabs attention and as a result people want to see more and more whether in castings/auditions, shows and other jobs, for example I have seen so many beautiful models and by that i mean according to me meets all the criteria but they lack confidence and that I think is a limit. Another is patience and determination, patience is important because it will help you no to give up so quick because you will not be in the hurry to make it to the top, it takes 5-10 years or more for many people to actually gets to where their want to be and achieve their goals and the advise will be not to be in the hurry to see it happen, just continue to work hard and before you know it rewards will be on your way. Moreover, determination is also important because you will not give up on your dreams so easily despite the obstacles that you may encounter, always remember why you wanted to become a model and work harder.

As a model, is there any particular thing you'd like to campaign for or against?

YES, definitely, i am against size 0 models who take part in the big mainstream fashion weeks etc, this is because most the models who are in top agencies etc are so skinny and looking at them is painful and unhealthy and it is so depressing for some of us models who want to take modelling to the international level and hoping to get signed by some of these top agencies. What will become of us?

What's your message to those who organise fashion events in UK but deny models of colour a chance of taking part?

Well, I always look at it as it is they loss at the end of the day, because many models of colours are so talented and i think models of colours were born with a natural walk which grabs attention from the crowd and people enjoys the show and that what should matter at the end of the day, when u look at models like Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks and even the current working model Jourdan Dunn, and to imagine if they were couple lot more models of colours in the mainstream. It is just so sad

Any other information you'd like to share with our readers?

I would like to thank you the readers first of all for taking your time and reading the interview. I would also like to thank you Fashions Finest for this fantastic opportunity regarding the interview and also thank you for the hard work you guys put into in towards helping models of colours with the jobs opportunites and everything else. Much appreciated.

How can someone book you?

Modelmayhem: Lisette Mibo
Via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
FishionsFinest Account: Lisette Mibo
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Monday, 22 August 2011

Rehearsals @ TMC Heat 21 August

TMC male & female regional heat took place at Tiger Tiger The Haymarket London. Sola Oyebade CEO of Mahogany International is seen having a pre show talk to the participating models and staff.

Photo Credit: Trevor Griffiths iDeLick Media
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Monday, 26 September 2011

Samantha Watson

Place of birth: London, England

Height: 5' 9"

Educational background:

After finishing school with 11 GCSES I went on to College firstly to do a Literacy level 3 in which i achieved a distinction then i went on to do a GNVQ UK Leisure & Tourism course where i got a distinction. I'm also a trained UK professional dancer with a collection of medals for ballet, jazz, rock and roll and disco dancing.

Country of origin or parents' origin:

My father Peter (RIP) was from Belfast, Northern Ireland and my mother Roselyn was born here but her mother came from Montserrat in the Caribbean

How would you describe yourself?

I'm smarter than people think, I'm fun loving, kind, humble, a muse, I'm a glass half full kind of girl not judgemental it's hard I'm a big boxes of tricks that i can't put a label on it. I've got a good side but never an ugly side and always a Lady

Why did you choose to become a model?

I don't think you choose to be a model i think you are born one.
I was a very cute and pretty child and i started modelling as a child I've always loved having my photo taken and as i was dancing up and down the country in full glitz it was easy to get into modelling as a child i was in a few runway shows and beauty contests and won a few too.

Any interests in acting? If so, what type of roles attract you?

Why yes, i am an actress I've done a few musicals my preferred roles of course leading lady but i think i would play a good villain or a spy. Acting is a real passion of mine film, stage or TV i hopefully be on all three in the near future.

What's the part of your body you like most?

I love my legs i think they are long and sexy and they never let me down, they are very strong and i couldn't live without them. I've be a trained dancer from the age of 4 years old and i dance to cheer me up or because I'm sad.

What are the qualities of your ideal man?

Someone who loves me for me not because of the way i look, someone who doesn't mistreat me, someone who knows that is about give and take, someone who's got brains not just looks, someone who's a real man because only a real man knows how to treat a real Lady.

What would you like to achieve in life?

As a mixed raced female i have found a very good role model in Halle Barry. Halle went from Dancer to Beauty Queen to Model to Hollywood Actress and i feel that this is the same path that i am taking. I have always said that when i die the world will know my name for good not evil, I've always known i was meant to be a STAR.

Any advice to those aspiring to become models?

My advice is in the form of questions. Can you work well with others even if you no they may not like you? Can you get back up after you have a knock back weather its 1 knock back or 10? Can you rock an outfit weather it's made out of black bags or silk and not moan or complain about it? Can you handle the fact that you are there firstly to make the designer and there garment look good your feelings about the look or theme of the show/shoot is not important, you are there to do a job? Do you know it takes a lot of hard work and effort to make it in the fashion world and that acting as if you're a Diva from the start will hold you back?

Being one with who you are and learning from others and a willingness to do whatever it takes to make it (within reason) and knowing that even if your pretty you have to have and give more than just good face.

As a model, is there any particular thing you'd like to campaign for or against?

Yes i will like to campaign about a few things 1) Against Age limits set in the modelling world - i believe that as long as you still look good it shouldn't matter what your true age is so if you look like your 20 years old when you're really 30 why should it matter.

2) I'm campaigning for there to be more mixed raced people to be on TV and as supermodels as we all know there are few black people in both areas but fewer mixed raced people we are a fast growing race with few people to look up to we are not black and we are not white we need role models for are children who they can see and relate to.

3) I have Dyslexia and i want to show others that you can be more then you think you can do and nothing needs to hold you back as long as you have faith in yourself

4) I've been a campaigner for more help and understanding for Women's Mental Health issues

What's your message to those who organise fashion events in UK but deny models of colour a chance of taking part?

All i would say to them is this "could you see in your mind's eye this world without different colours no green grass no blue sky no yellow sand". If the answer is we can't live life in shades of grey it's the same for fashion. Only using white models or really dark models you're not allowing the beautiful colour palette that exists today in the world models come in every shade but grey so show that you can see the whole range.

Any other information you'd like to share with our readers?

As well as being up for a BEFFTA for Best Female Model I'm also up for a BEFFTA for Best Wardrobe Stylist I started as a Stylist when asked to assist at London Fashion Week events in between my shoots. Since then I have done a 1940 Vintage photo shoot, bridal shows, African outdoor events and urban catwalk shows. I was inspired to create a company named Bouyon Inc. My team consist of a professional Model Coordinator and a Photographer and myself as Stylist and Creative Designer. Bouyon Inc has a website and is on Facebook. I have developed a clientele of designers who have used my skills as both stylist and creative designer to present a professional themed fashion shows, venue decor, commercial or private photo shoots. I get the greatest pleasure from seeing the smiles on the designer's face when they see how I have made their designs, craft and accessories comes to life. I am overwhelmed at being nominated for the Stylist BEFTA award for sharing the vision and inspired presentations that I enjoy producing. I aim to continue using my gifts to keep reflecting the designer's concepts into reality.

How can someone book you?

Through my agent This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Fashions Finest
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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Monday, 20 June 2011

TMC Holland 2011 Finale

Pictures Provided Courtesy of Ron Stam

Pictures from the finale of TMC Holland 2011 which took place on 19th June and the winner was Nicolle Jasper.
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Monday, 11 March 2013

TMC International - The Finale

The grand finale of Top Model of Colour Season 7 took place on the 23rd February at the Royal Mint Court, Dexter House, Tower Hill, London. Featuring a special showcase for Rihanna TV series 'Styled to Rock' designers Chanelle Edwards and Ben Moriah

Photo Credit: Lucie ZPhotography
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