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It’s said that a gentleman called Beau Brummell started the suit we know and love today in the early 1800s.

Streetwear has been a massive trend for a few years and some of the styles can become similar and repetitive.

Streetwear is a massive global trend that is only getting bigger, luxury brands have started showing their plans for the summer of and a lot of new and current trends are going to be seen this summer.

Becoming vegan is the latest big trend, but did you know that this not only encompasses what you eat but your entire lifestyle?

Classically Inspired Fashion to Incorporate this 2018.

Ladies all over the UK adore heading to the races. But do you know what you’re going to wear yet?

A wedding is a ceremony where two people vow to love and live with one another regardless of what circumstance they may face in life as husband and wife.

With this increased acceptance came a reinvention of this essential wardrobe staple. Leggings are no longer just something you throw on as you go to and from the gym. Now, it's more common to pair up the much trendier leggings with duster jackets, chunky sweaters, ankle boots, and everything in between.

But, as with all things fashion, the style tide has already started to shift. There are some key looks that will be just as big - if not bigger - than 2017's most staple looks. This is even more important as we roll into spring, when the weather starts becoming warmer and much more pleasant. It also helps that restocking your wardrobe is now much cheaper if you shop at

If you're on the hunt for some new inspiration, here are the top 3 biggest legging styles that you can expect this spring:

1. Embrace The Print

One of the most popular leggings styles for the upcoming season are printed leggings. Whether you go for a floral pattern, an Aztec print, or something much simpler, it's really fun to play around with printed leggings.
They are also quite versatile. This spring, you can dress them up with a funky top to wear for school or work, or use them as sweats when at home. Printed leggings are definitely a statement piece and will make your outfit stand out more. So make sure to accessorize them with neutral colours and understated jewellery.

2. Layer It Up

This season, oversized is the name of the game. This could explain why one of the most popular looks will be leggings paired with a large, chunky sweater. Since knit is back in style, you might want to try adding an oversized cable-knit sweater to complete your outfit.

And on the flip side of this trend? Dusters! Yes, you heard that right. Long dusters are back in style, and we're living for it. But instead of the dreary style of the 90's, go for a colourful, structured, or sheer duster to jazz up your look.

And if you can't get behind dusters, you can layer it up with a denim jacket, a leather moto jacket, or a bomber jacket instead. Top off this look with leggings, a white cropped tee, and heels. Alternatively, you could go with a snazzy pair of sneakers for a more casual look.

3. Keep it Elegant

Despite a less than stellar past, it's exciting to see the fashion world embrace leggings as a symbol of style. You can take your look from frumpy to dazzling by simply opting to wear a pair of cropped leggings. Bonus points if you include a zipper detail to add a trendy metallic element. Or, you could go for leather leggings and dress them up for a day or night look. Just add a flowy top or white tee, an oversized bag, and a luxe bag to complete your elegant look.


With the new year comes new motivation to attend the gym, but the gym might not be the same as you remembered it.

The options for trainer styles have never been so countless, as beneficial as this is, it can make committing to one pair a tough choice.

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