Thursday, 07 January 2016 15:27


Tina is a free-spirited award wining up and coming designer who uses unconventional means to create innovative lines of clothing

Her designs are inspired by cultural integration, innovation and forward thinking.

She has 18 years of experience in the fashion industry, she was first inspired at the age of 10 when she constructed her first garment. From then on her passion

At the age of 16 she interned and trained with Felvino Alpha. She created Helena Kampbell brand which was launched with an intimate fashion show on may 29th in Ireland.

Helena Kampbell has been involved with a vast number of youth projects e.g styling with United Youth of Ireland and Workshops with National Youth Of Ireland.

The brand has evolved to become Valennci. All the designs are authentic and are currently available for Haute Couture only (custom made).

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