Tuesday, 19 January 2016 16:07

Pautinka London

Jewellery designer Svetlana Marshall grew up in Belarus where she began designing jewellery and clothes as a young designer during her teens.

Svetlana later moved to Qatar where she met model Carol Browne who inspired Svetlana to create a line of chain jewellery; it became her first collection.

The first design featured chains attached around the body, "like a spider’s web" (Pautinka in Russian ) that can be worn over a plain T-shirt, vest or dress.

Each 'Pautinka London' design features exquisite and unique pieces. Their infinite versatility allows for each item to be worn in many variations being multiple pieces of jewellery merely than being just one.

Each piece allows the wearers, to express themselves as creatively and uniquely as the designer behind the brand. 'Pautinka London' is the winner of the prestigious British Jewellers’ Association’s annual design competition 2013. Since then Svetlana Marshall has grown the brand from designing luxury fashion jewellery into creating designs in precious metals such as gold and silver. A specialist service is available to create designs in your preferred precious metal.

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