Wednesday, 27 January 2016 16:00

Little Hill People

Stacey Syiem was born in Shillong, the fashionista’s heaven of North East India and was raised on a diet rich in both culture and ethnic couture. Her grandmother’s hand-loom would weave their heritage while she played as a toddler. Sketching instead of studying as a teenager her desire to design burned until opportunity knocked and she answered by founding Little Hill People in 2013. Her inspiration is her tribal heritage and dad’s collection of Vintage rock music.

Adding ethically sourced traditional materials from North East India, to London’s contemporary styles, Little Hill People is a designer brand that markets Handloom culture and produces Unique & Sustainable Fashion.

When you buy from the Little Hill People, you’ll be getting so much more than one of their culturally infused, contemporary designed handmade bags. Each piece supports the contributions of the tribal artisans. So not only will you look amazing wearing an amazing dress, you’ll be empowering the artists and bettering their lives.

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