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What to wear with Mustard


Mustard is definitely not one of those loved colours but it is a favourite for autumn/ winter. So if you do find yourself buying something mustard this season here are some colour combinations that goes great with the colour.

Mustard and Blu

Blue normally looks good with blue Pair it with navy or even a brighter popping blue

mustard and navy blue pinterest 

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Mustard Shirt with a playful navy blue polka dot mini skirt

Mustard & denim blue

mustard and demin blue pinterest 

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mustard and polka dots pinterest 

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Mustard and Brown

This is a nice warm colour combination and is perfect for the season. This would be a really easy combo for those who loves neutral colours.

Pair it with dark chocolate brown for a sophisticated evening look or go lighter with tan or beige for the day.

mustard and brown pinterest 

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mustard and brown2 pinterest 

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Mustard and Burgundy

Another warm colour combo perfect for the colder months. Pairing burgundy with brown is also great way to add a hint of colour to your look.

mustard and burgundy pinterest 

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mustard and burgundy2 pinterest 

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Black and Mustard

A great combo just like black and yellow but with mustard it adds more mustard more depth and warmth to your outfit.

mustard and black pinterest 

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mustard and black2 pinterest

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Think Pink for Winter

Pink has always had a hard time when it comes to fashion.

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How to style your leather jacket


Leather jackets are one of those iconic pieces that can give you that edgy rock chick feel. It can dress up even the plainest of looks. It allows you to still be feminine, but with a tougher edge. Here some tips on how to wear your leather jacket for a sexy, “do not mess with me” statement look.


The right proportions can make you look slimmer. When wearing your favourite skinny jeans pair it with a cropped leather jacket for a slimmed down look or for a bit more edge go for shorts and ankle boots.


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Leather is worn best when worn with different textures, colour, and proportions. So adding textures like silk, velvet, fur, cotton, and or even denim will give your leather pieces that something making your look a bit more interesting and chic.

For those colder days match your leather jacket with a velvet pants, skirt or dress for a polished casual looks.

2. velvet pants with leather jacket

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More Edge

Leather on its own is already edge but you can toughen it up a bit more by pairing another leather pieces. Pair it with hot trends like a leather skirt or a leather dress finishing it off with black heels and a structured handbag bag, and your statement red lipstick.


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3. black dress with leather jacket e1445927760192

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Soften It Up

Soft flowy feminine pieces creates an unexpected sweet and sultry look. It looks unexpected, but still put-together. Pick soft draping or flowy fabrics in soft feminine shades, in pieces like dressy rompers, jumpsuits, and or dresses to make that tough yet girly statement.


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Wear It With Stylish Prints

Pick prints that reflects your personality and mood. If you are more of a classic girl then polka dots, houndstooth, stripes, plaids, tartans will show off your classic personality. A more creative fashion personality, then you will love bold and funky graphic prints, like animal prints.


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Go For Colour

With black and brown being the traditional colour for leather jackets. You might want to add some punch to your monochrome look with a bold shades like red, green, blue and purple. Allow the colour to stand out by creating an all-black backdrop.


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Rain Boot Style

rain boots

With the heavens opening up, it is time to dust of those rain boots!!

Here are some tips on how to wear your rain boots and still look stylish

Go for Colour

Be on trend and go for a pair of rain boots in colour and add some personality to your outfit. Pick a colour or print that you can pair with any and all of your winter items.


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They work well with skirts and dresses

You will be surprised how well a stylish pair of rain boots will go with skirts or dresses. The combination of a soft girly dress paired with rain boots gives a no frills feel and creates a perfectly balanced stylish look.


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For a sleek look

Rain boots is not the most stylish pair of shoes but with a lot of brand going for a more sleeker and posh look invest in a pair the stylish

shoezone 9912813266105851

shoezone 991281326610585

Available @ 

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Louis Vuitton’s “Series 3” Exhibition

Described on Louis Vuitton’s website as: “A modern and unexpected reinterpretation of a fashion show, this exhibition, following on from SERIES 1 and SERIES 2, invites visitors to discover Nicolas Ghesquière’s inspirations for his fourth ready-to-wear show as the Artistic Director for women’s collections at Louis Vuitton.”

louis vuitton WOLV Fa Series 3 Exhibition DI3

I was completely blown away by the innovation and the thought that went behind Louis Vuitton Series 3. Every aspect of the design process was portrayed from the beginning roots of the Louis Vuitton design and creation process to modern day with all the technical advances that have been picked up along the way. Actual artisan from Vuitton were flown in to demonstrate the assembly process for Ghesquière’s and visitors were able to ask them questions, there was a virtual catwalk show and the ultimate Louis Vuitton wardrobe.

IMG 0053

IMG 0139

Wots her name again Louis Vuttion Review 13

Wots her name again Louis Vuttion Review 32

Wots her name again Louis Vuttion Review 34

Wots her name again Louis Vuttion Review 39

Wots her name again Louis Vuttion Review 40 2

Wots her name again Louis Vuttion Review 47

Wots her name again Louis Vuttion Review 49

Wots her name again Louis Vuttion Review 51

Wots her name again Louis Vuttion Review 57

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How To Pan Your Look For The Day


Plan Your Look The Night Before

Planning your outfits the night before safes you loads of time in the morning trying to figure out what to wear. To make planning your outfits even easier you will need a super organised closet.

Organizing Your Closet

One of the best ways to organize your closet is to keep all of your pieces together and colour coded, meaning tops together followed by pants, jeans, skirts and dresses.

Try and keep your shoes in one place and your tights and socks in one drawer. Jewellery on a stand or in a compartment drawer. Scarves and belts on racks.

Keeping your wardrobe organized gives you more control of your clothes and accessories which makes planning your daily looks stress-free.


Seasonal Pieces And Trends

Once you know what it in your closet you can identify what is missing, according to the seasons or specific trends and styles that you like.

When you are planning your look according to current trends, do not do the copycat version especially if you are using fashion magazines as a guide. Rather pair pieces in a way that makes it your own and select details from the current fashion trends that accentuate your personal style and turn it into something unique, and completely you.



This would be the last step in planning your look, pairing your shoes, handbag and jewellery with your outfit pieces. Dress up simple pieces with bold shoes and accessories.

Categories your accessorize according to;

• Classic accessories: pearl or diamond-stud earrings, silk scarf, leather clutch and classic black pumps
• Glamorous accessories: chandelier earrings, bib necklace, large cocktail ring, crystal-embellished clutch, oversized sunglasses and sky-high heels
• Playful accessories: chunky jewellery, boho bag, and headbands
• Edgy accessories: thick cuff bracelet, choker necklace, studded handbag and black leather booties
• Workday accessories: delicate necklace, classic watch, large satchel or shoulder bag and kitten heels
• Casual accessories: candy-coloured bracelets, cross-body bag, floppy hats and espadrille sandals


Outfit Combinations

This makes planning a look easy so if you a 9-5 office kind of girl. Your go to combination would be the tailored pants and Blouse. This outfit combination can take your from day to night. Your capsule wardrobe should at least have one pair of tailored pants and a silky blouse. You can re-style this combination by wearing your blouse buttoned up and with a cardigan for a simple office-friendly look. For a night time look and then unbutton the top buttons of your blouse and add some bling. Alter the, at the office look, by switching between heeled and flat shoes.


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Reload Tribal SS16 London Fashion Week

Photographer: Mikey San Photography

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AMIS Designs SS16 London Fashion Week

Photographer: Mikey San Photography

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Fabricated Fashions SS16 London Fashion Week

Photographer: Mikey San Photography

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NYFW: Max Azria spring/summer 2016

New York Fashion Week has begun!

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