Summer 2010 Wardrobe “Classics”

Sunday, 20 June 2010 Katrina Yakusheva
Summer 2010 Wardrobe Must Have...
The Spring/Summer period is probably the most exciting one in everyone's life. This is the time when we usually wonder whether or not to get a new hair cut, hitting the gym and looking for the new up-and-coming trends on the market. So how do we cope with surrounding us "sale"-boards and get that "doesn't make me look fat" fabulous look. If you're already aware of your body shape and how to camouflage your flows then "thumbs up"; but if you're not, then I would suggest you keep reading.

Whoever came up with an expression: "classic pieces are expensive" most probably got confused with "classic pieces are priceless". You don't have to spent a fortune just to have something you can call "timeless" as there are plenty of brands and designer's that can provide you with the one of a kind piece that will still carry the value of "timeless" but will still cost you much less than a house mortgage.

So what are the Summer 2010 Wardrobe Must Have– Timeless Pieces' that will not only be trendy for this season, but will also stay with your through the years.

1. Jeans
Whether you're a tall and super skinny or petite and fully figured the GAP offers variety of styles from "skinny fit" to the "wide- legged" and sexy "boot". Jeans that suite all body types despite your size, shape and life style. So check out their summer collection as I promise you won't be disappointed. While buying jeans remember to get lighter colors for more casual look and go for the darker shades and classic cut for more formal occasions.

2. Wrap Top

If you're having a "jelly-belly" situation, then there is nothing I can possibly think of that could be better than to "wrap it up". The Wrap tops are perfect for those with no-waist and tummy problems, as they do not only create diagonal lines that make you appear slimmer, but also shape your waist-line and create something that isn't there. For the trendy yet classic wrap check out Alexander Wang- Wrap Top Chameuse Vest

3. Summer Cocktail Dress

No matter what they say about prints and fabrics, the gentle florescent prints of the fabulous silk creature by Marco Marcu, Germany based designer; is on our must have classic pieces list this summer. The cut and the structure of the cocktail dress does not only suites most of the body types, but also could easily camouflage even most unflattering figure flows. The print colors are selected in a way that will suite all of four personal coloring types, and the length of the dress could easily be adjusted to the desired one. The texture of the fabric also makes this dress to be the "easy one" for packing to your summer trips and could be worn to any occasion.

4. Maxi Kaftans

Over the last couple of month we've probably heard a lot that Maxi-Kaftans are "In fashion", the truth is- the kaftan has always been "In". In curtain cultures the Kaftan is a must have wardrobe piece. This easy to wear all around garment will not only save you time but might also become one of your favorite summer wardrobe items. The brilliance of Kaftans is in its "all around wear" purpose. If you wonder what could be the best option for a stylish casual wear during the day and get a Goddess-look" in the evening without having to change, don't wonder no more and have a look at B'zma kaftans by designer Bisma Ahmed.

5. Accessories

Our choice of "all round" classic accessories this summer is:

- Ray- Bans' Classic Aviator Sunglasses- will suite most face shapes.

- Our bag choice is: Mango Oversized Clutch with Chain Handle, this is a classic shape bag comes in neutral beige colour and is slightly bigger than a regular clutch which is why it works well for the day time and even office use, but it still is small enough to use for the night out.

- Wedges, are the perfect summer foot wear, always have and always will be! Have a look at the classic Hinkley Sandals by Michael Antonio, which comes in variety of colors and height. These shoes are unbelievably light in weight and comfy if you're planning any long walks. And do benefit any foot size even the widest ones, as well as the classic design will go with most of the outfits starting from jeans to beach wear and cocktail party dresses.

6. Jewelry

During the summer we usually look for the bright fun colors and designs of jewelry, but most of the time with variety of choices on the store shelves we find ourselves helplessly stuck not knowing how to minimize our expenses and optimize our choice. Therefore we found the perfect jewelry solution for you.

Lolipop Glass Jewelry is a company owned by Jonathan Léon, that hand creates luxurious, one of a kind, Borosilicate Glass Jewelry.

The Lolipop is not just another Jewelry piece and could well be considered as an Art; that will not only be with you for this season, but will stay through the life time and could become one of your Personal Style Statements.

The best thing we found about these wonderful creations is the mixture of colors in each piece that makes it really easy to mix and match with different color outfits.

The real benefit of "Lolipop" is that you can wear it with almost anything and for any occasion from the Girls' Night out to the Red Carpet Gala.

So we say if there're no diamonds to be your "best friends", Lolipop will sure do the job!

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