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Inspirational Women: An Interview with Millie Cooper

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Artist & Editor of MilliOnAir Online Magazine.

Here at Fashions Finest, we are about celebrating female entrepreneurs, empowerment and women that put their heart and soul into making something from nothing whether a garment made into a beautiful statement gown or a pot of paint into an elaborative piece of art.

In this series of interviews with Inspirational Women, we will be speaking to a hand-picked bunch of classy, sassy and utter bad-assy business women who are making waves in the entrepreneurial world.
Our first Inspirational Woman is Millie Cooper. Millie is an artist, co-founder of The Branding Initiative and editor of new online magazine, MilliOnAir.

Let’s see what nuggets of advice Millie can share with us:

KS: Hello Millie. Thank you for taking time out to share your story with us here at Fashions Finest. We've heard great things about you and your accomplishments. You're an established artist to the stars, social media strategist and now eMagazine creator and editor. Tell us how it all began.

MC: Hi, thank you. Well, it began from a young age having a passion for art at school and doing very well in my art class throughout my school years. I then went on to study interior design. I have used my creative skills right through my personal and career life. It is only in the last couple of years that I decided to sack the boss and start working for myself and get even more creative. I move with the times and I have always got one eye on what is going on in the art, fashion, brand and design world and I can adapt accordingly.

KS: How do you focus on so many passions? Is it a case of staying true to your core values or a case of adapting to what new opportunities come in business wise?

MC: I find it quite easy to focus as my work is my passion. I am highly organised so I manage to plan my day like clockwork. Everything is in my iPhone diary which syncs with all my devices at home and I also keep everything in client new folder.

KS: We obviously love all things fashion and we hear on the grapevine that you've branched out into an InstaStyle business. What is it and how did it come about?

MC: Fashion is one of my huge passions, I have been reading and collecting vogue since I was 10! I don't follow the crowd though, I have my own style...casual, funky, bright and I mix and match high street with designer most days. I have had my online fashion business, Style Retox, for a while but gave it up as I was concentrating on my art and everything creative. I’ve recently given it some TLC and I’m happy to say that Style Retox is back in the saddle! My concept is selling my new and pre-loved designer fashion straight from my wardrobe and I will be modelling as much as I can myself in a creative way "creative selfie fashion" so I still have a website but I find it works best selling on Instagram.

KS: So you've obviously got lots of creative avenues, is this how your eMagazine got started?

MC: Yes I have. My magazine was something I thought up and created on an overnight flight back from LA. I wanted to sleep but I kept getting all these ideas in my head so I had my iPad and my iPhone on the go for 11 hours and when they ran out I switched to pen and paper! MilliOnAir is me, Millie sharing mine and inspirational people's airs and graces over the net whilst also concentrating on luxury brands, hence the play on the word millionaire.

KS: You've released and had phenomenal success with the first issue and are currently working on July's issue but where do you see the Magazine going? Is there a bigger goal in mind? It's a very exciting venture and we want to know everything! Tell us all about it.

MC: Yes the feedback was phenomenal! it went global within 24 hours with over 200 subscribers and growing every day! My goal is to be able to sell advert space and also have over a million subscribers. I already have celebrities interested in being in my magazine as well as small and large businesses queuing up to get in! I literally have articles penned to take me through to the end of September! The response has been amazing! I couldn’t be happier with it – there’s so much I can do with the magazine the rest of the year will be really exciting working on that.

KS: We're very excited for you Millie, your vision and passion are contagious. You set a real stable role model for the younger generation. What piece of advice would you give to your younger self whether on a personal note or perhaps starting out on a business venture?

MC: I will always say never ever give up on your dreams. Always go with your passions and follow your instinct and your heart. I’d also say be aware of what and who is out there - there is so much help about these days when starting a new business.

KS: You're quite a spiritual being Millie and we love how emotionally connected you are to everything you do and love. How do you keep your mind focused when you have your finger in so many pies, so to speak?

MC: I am very spiritual in the sense that I know I can manifest anything I want in my life without any doubts in my mind. I eat and live a very clean life and I manage to meditate everyday which helps me so much. I also get to go to the country side in Somerset where my family is quite often which helps me recharge and refocus.

KS: And randomly, what's the one item or person you would crave if stranded on a desert island?

MC: Gosh, one item would be my iPhone to keep in contact with the world and order take away pizzas ;)
My one person would be Jim Carrey for too many reasons to list ;)

KS: Thank you Millie for giving us a glimpse into your very colourful world!

For more information on Millie Cooper, you can reach her here and don’t forget to subscribe to MilliOnAir in time for the July edition!

Interview by KellyAnn Schiavo Co-founder of The Branding Initiative, Women In Business Ambassador & Blogger

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