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The Zulkifli sisters, mira zulkifli, syera zulkifli, nurul zulkifli launched Mimpikita in 2009 and have since transformed the company into an international fashion house with bridal and ready-to-wear collections.

Known for combining the highest quality materials and impeccable craftsmanship with a modern design sensibility.

Creating cosmopolitan yet functional designs, their ready-to-wear collections blend traditional infuses, exquisite detailing and beautifully embellished fabrics with a modern interpretation.

Sold in their flagship store in Bangsar and on Malaysian e-tailer FashionValet the Mimpikita brand will officially launch in the UK in September 2015 at London Fashion Week.

Bound by passion and a constant pursuit of excellence, the Zulkifli sisters are three women with one aim, to ensure that when you become the Mimpikita woman, your dream becomes ‘our dream’.

The Mimpikita woman is the creative entrepreneur in Shoreditch London, the fashionista in Bangsar KL, the ‘it’ girl in Paris and the artist in Greenwich Village New York. She is worldly and always on the move, with a lifestyle that is dynamic and refreshingly fun. As a lady who knows what she wants, the Mimpikita woman is refined, on-trend and seeks affordable luxury clothing. The ‘M’ Woman is the new millennial; technologically savvy, globally minded and Fashion forward.

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How to pack for a sun holiday

packing for summer holidays

“We are going on a summer holiday, la, la, la!!! “ Yes!! That exciting summer holiday is looming, time for some valuable “you time”.
The only snag is deciding what to pack. You have your suitcase ready and all your favorite holiday pieces from last year along with the new stuff you bought, is laid out on the bed and you are trying to figure out how on earth are you going to get it all into one suitcase.
I sense that there is a bit of panic, but there is no need to panic. All you need is a bit of skilful organizing and voila!!


Here is some basic tips for you to follow;

1. Make a list, write down each day of your trip and what you have planned to do on that day, lunch, sightseeing, sport or just lying on the beach or next to the pool. Now for each of these activities jot down what you want to wear, as this will show you what you can wear, for example the same pair of trouser, dress or skirt, can you wear it at least twice during your holiday. This will leaves more space in your suitcase.

2. Now with your list, lay out all your pieces and see how each pieces co-ordinates with another pieces. Do not take any pieces that does not match any of the items that you have picked and laid out. For example do not take that bright green top if you are not taking anything that matches with it.

3. Mixing colours is perfect for summer but you do not need to take all the colours in your wardrobe, just pack the key pieces that you know you can mix and match.

4. Keep your trousers and jackets in neutral shades like white, cream, navy and denim as it make is easier to match your tops.
5. Economise on space by putting items like shower gel into smaller containers or folding/rolling clothes neatly, as you might need space for items that you bought on your holidays.

6. Pack your shoes, like 1 pair of heels, sandals and flip flops, at the bottom of your suitcase and use the corners of your suitcase for small items like underwear.

7. Take at least one or two scarves, as you can wear it as a mini skirt over your bikini or as a turban to protect your hair from sun damage
Now that your suitcase is packed, all that is left, is for you to start counting down the days to your sun holiday.


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Black is Beautiful

Black is beautiful 1

Black is mysterious, it’s elegant and sophisticated.

Putting on a black suit can make you feel in control as it hides all fear, and a LBD makes you feel sexy.
Black is slimming as it blurs out any and all lines and leaves no shadows, as it absorbs rather than reflects light, thus creating a balanced, sleek and slimmed down appearance.

Although is not really considered a colour, it is and has always been the number one go to colour for most women.
In the famous words of Coco Chanel “A women needs just three things; a black dress, a black sweater, and, on her arm a man she loves”

Chanel simplified women’s fashion during 1926 when Vogue magazine published a drawing by her of a simple Black dress. The LBD then lived on through the designs of Versace, YSL and the most famous LBD worn by Audrey Hepburn in 1961, designed by Givenchy for the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

“Black is Beautiful” wear it proudly!!!


Here are so tips, if black is your go to colour

Make sure it’s the right fit, when wearing black on black, the fit of your pieces are important. Remember black is slimming so your pieces can be more fitting rather than shapeless.

Stay clear of clingy shiny fabrics like lycra, sequins or satin as it will creates shadow and reflection that will highlight any lumps and bumps that you want to hide.

Pair different textures and fabrics

Wearing black of black creates a straight vertical line

When wearing black in summer, choose pieces that are season appropriate, like chiffon, silk and linen and heavier fabrics like wool for winter.

Spice it up with bold accessories, like jewellery, and we all know a red lip or leopard print shoe always looks good against black

Switch between day and night by making little changes, like lipstick colour, when wearing a LBD from work to after work cocktails. Try a bold deep red for night and a nude lip stain for day

LBD for your shape

lbd for your shape

black is

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Givenchy Pre Summer 2016

Ricardo Tisci used the bustling city of London as his backdrop for Givenchy’s pre spring/summer 2016 collection, and what a collection it is!

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The Design House

The Design House, is a hub of Irish fashion and design, offering cutting edge fashion, jewellery, bridal, vintage and a variety of crafts. Housed in a fabulous Georgian building, a space where over 50 Irish designers, 60 craft designers and 16 artists live out their creative dreams.

The concept of the Design House is to bring together designers, craftspeople and artists, in a space where they can create, meet with prospective clients and retail their products to a wide range of customers.

Having just celebrated the success of their summer 2015 Fashion Show in partnership with The Mater Foundation (official charity for the Mater Hospital –Dublin)

The show offered attendees a peek into this seasons latest limited edition looks ranging from daywear, accessories, occasion wear and bridal.
Here are some of the highlights from the show


Wedding dress by Evelyn Campbell

Evelyn Campbell started her design career with her Street wear fashion labels, Rich Clothing Company, Pump, and Bodyline. Her focus now has shifted towards bridal and special occasion wear creating unique and individualized garments for the lady that walks by her own tune.


Dress by Golden Stitch

Ginan Abbas, originally from Iraq, has lived in Ireland for 14 years. Her designs are inspired by nature and beautiful fabrics. Ginan wants women to feel beautiful, because she feels that, ‘There is so much pressure on women to conform to the perfect body shape’. She wants them to celebrate their body shape by designing pieces that fits them rather than the other way around. ‘I create unique and unusual pieces that will stand out from the norm but which fit the wearer perfectly.’


Dress by B Fashion Design and Hat by Mark Garvie Millinery

B fashion Design is a fashion design label by Bébhinn Flood. Bébhinn graduated from the Limerick Institute of Technology with a BA (Hons) in Fashion Design in 2004. After qualifying, Bébhinn gained experience of couture fashion, working with noted designers such as John Rocha, Joanne Hayes and Carol Smith. Subsequent to that Bébhinn worked in the mass market side of the trade as a designer at Max Pierre. Her designs can be described as modern vintage chic, integrating classic craft techniques with modern fabrics to create unique modern pieces that are fun, wearable, practical, quirky and unique yet still graceful, elegant and definitively feminine.

Mark Garvie Millinery, having trained as a bespoke milliner in the UK and Ireland after leaving the world of floristry where he was an international award winning floral designer. His designs are inspired his floral designs, architecture, art, sculpture and nature.

Yr PwIKq 6uSJCHCFusc8zr7YkZyeyWdHjxULKtvkOw

Kimonos by Kimono Queen, yellow gown by The Golden Stitch, and colourful gown by B Fashion Design


Bags from The Designer Exchange and tights from Tights Department

bxnX uTvWpVK6o0BroR0RSq6kB41nw q84CW1k3oAQU

TpHYdVN F9qFBX9a9N0P3WvEDIpGbDQihkaomEqxYQ8

Find out more about these new Rising stars and the Design house @

Images courtesy of The Design House

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The Clothes Show Live 2015

The Clothes Show, where the line up of brands, boutiques, celebrities and inspirational stage features are more glittering than ever before.

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Eco 2 wear

Mihaela Zhekova is an Award Winning fashion designer based in Southampton, Hampshire. She runs her own creative business called ‘Eco 2 wear’ and specializes in creating sustainably made women’s clothing and accessories out of old raggedy items and high street store decals. The designer‘s background includes international work experience and training from UK, USA and Bulgaria. The designer also writes fashion styling articles for the Partnership newspaper, branch of Daily Echo, Southampton and creates visual displays for GAP, Southampton.

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Japanese Makeup Look

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Daz Dazzling White

Crisps, clean and fresh whites are a summer must, showing off radiant sunkissed skin. This season get ready to wear white from head to toe as seen on the runway's


Before setting out to the shops makes sure that you choose the right white for you skin tone

Cool skin tones bright white works well with your skin tone. Pair your look with silver accessories.

Ebony/dark skin tones, white shines against your skin paired with either silver or gold accessories.

Warm skin tones cream or ivory white's sets off your complexion beautifully

The right underwear

Be careful of white underwear as it can be quite visible under white fabric. Skin-toned underwear will make sure that noting peeks out drawing the eye away from what you really want to show off, your beautiful face.

For the office

Keep cool and look chic in a sparkling white sheath dress and nude pumps, setting it off with gold accessories. Keep your make-up natural with a bright popping lip, taking you from work to after- work cocktials. Keep that summer fresh feeling, by spritzing your body with the Vanilla body mist (from the Body Shop) and keep your tan glowing with the Shea Beautifying Oil for all day hydration and shimmer.

white for office

Image Source Pinterest

White for the fuller figure

Avoid clingy fabrics rather opt for dresses that billow, flounce or flow but still gives you shape. Stand out in a classic A-line silhouette, this faux wrap dress is perfect, defining your waistline for a white hot summer's lunch date.

fuller figure 

Sugar and Spice Dress@

Weekend White-Out

A simple white and black look, with the delicate chiffon, taking your look from late lunch to dancing all night long.


Image Source Pinterest

Street Style

Overalls are back, this trend was huge during the 1980 to the 1990. Stay on trend and comfortable with this white on white denim overall look. Go wild with an animal print clutch and sexy aviators and an all-white pedicure.

all white overalls

Image source Pinterest


Adding pattern and texture make it just that much more interesting. Top your look off with natural make-up and a sun-kissed glow

This Lace look screams beach holiday and fun in the sun showing off beautiful tanned skin.


Image source Pinterest

Flowy Lace trim perfect for a hot a summer's day paired with espadrilles and jewel tattoos.

Image Source Pinterest


White is a acts like a canvas, so keep your accessories simple


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Bring It!

Stylish Fashionista

We all get dressed in the morning but there is a difference between dressing up and being a stylish fashionista. A fashionista is like a hunter always on the lookout for what's hot and new to ensure that she is always stylish and fashionable.

Here is a few of my favourite bits to ensure that we all stay stylish and fashionable

Dramatic proportions

The floor length jacket or fine knit is a great way to update your short shorts and crop t-shirt and layering always adds a bit of interest to any look, "I am loving" this knitted dress in rose gold from Missguided

k2108666 cindym 22.04.15 mc 368670 a


Defiantly my go to look, polished and chic, whether it is for a simple affair or a soiree.

Sexy and stylish all in one!!, look awesome in this, Peonie print cigarette trousers and Bardot style crop top, with loose beach wavy hair a cat eye and red pouty lips.

r3109358 emily 27.04.15 mc 379051

Structured silhouettes

Look playfully stylish in this structured brocade floral playsuit, sexy, fun and chic!! A structure silhouette for sophisticated elegance. Keep your accessories simple to compliment your look

p4112072 emily 27.04.15 mc 378970


Futuristic holographic prints like sequins, you do not want to overdo it so pair your item with a neutral staple for effortless style or add it into your look with accessories or a pair of shoes.


Image Source Pinterest

Mix it up

Remember you are a fashion hunter so you set the rules so mix it up by combining unusual colour and or prints together and get the looks not just for your good looks but your awesome style


Image source –Pinterest

Modern and Vintage mix

Retro fashionista!! Keep you style current by mixing vintage with modern pieces, even if it just a vintage pair of cat-eye sunglasses, a silk scarf or a vintage midi skirt with a leather jacket and sleek pointy-toe heels. Vintage are always in-style and stylish


Image source Pinterest

Remember dressing up is just putting pieces together but being stylish is taking all those element and merging all the right pieces together to bring out the best you. So keep it simple and throw in a large dollop of confidence and most importantly have fun.

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