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Eva Fydrych

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Place of birth: Krakow, Poland

Height: 5'8"

Educational background:

• Master of Arts (Philosophy) - Jagiellonian University, Poland
• Acting For Film & TV – International Academy of Film and Television, Philippines
• Acting For Film - New York Film Academy, New York, US

Country of origin or parents' origin: Poland

How would you describe yourself?

I'm confident, ambitious, independent, open-minded. I enjoy travelling and meeting new people. Fashion is one of my biggest passions. I like challenges and if I really want something, I never give up. As Paulo Coelho once said: "IMPOSSIBLE is just an opinion"...

Why did you choose to become a model?

I started modelling a couple of years ago in London. I was signed by Mission Models, took part in a couple of fashion shows and photoshoots... After a while I realised I really enjoy being a model and decided to treat it more seriously. I built a strong portfolio and started working as a full-time model in Singapore. During my time in Asia I had a chance to visit a lot of exotic places and travel for photoshoots to Hong Kong, Thailand,
Malaysia and Philippines. There were two photo exhibition in Poland showcasing my work as a model in Asia. I appeared in a couple of magazines.

One of the most memorable experiences was taking part in the World Supermodel Pageant in Australia last year where I represented Poland. Being chosen as Top 18 from hundreds of applicants from around the world was a great honour. I spent an amazing week at Gold Coast, taking part in various press events and shooting for Fashion TV.

Modelling gives a lot of satisfaction. It's great to see your work appreciated by other people. 

Any interests in acting? If so, what type of roles attract you?

Yes, I enjoy acting a lot. I have just finished a two months acting course at New York Film Academy, which was a great experience. I also did a short course in Cebu, Philippines and was involved in Michael Gleissner's latest movie:"Girl With No Number" shot in Bigfoot Studios. Being on a set of a feature movie was one of the best experiences so far. You can learn so much in a short period of time. I had a chance to meet many talented people from Los Angeles, New York, London, Hong Kong and other parts of the world. It's a truly international place with talented people who share the same passion for the film industry. 

My acting experience is slowly growing, I took part in some student and short movies, a couple of commercials and music videos. I'm hoping to do some work in Toronto, Canada, where I live right now. I actively attend all the castings and auditions since I came back from New York...

What's the part of your body you like most?

I like my long dark hair and eyes that change colour from brown to green :) I don't complain about having long legs and being slim in general...

What are the qualities of your ideal man?

Intelligent, adventurous, with a great sense of humour and positive attitude.

What would you like to achieve in life?
I would like to see the whole world as I'm already addicted to travelling... Have my own fashion company and photography business. I would like to influence people in a positive way and help those who are less fortunate. One of the future plans is also writing a book about the fashion industry...

Any advice to those aspiring to become models?

• Believe in yourself and don't give up.
• Be realistic about your abilities.
• Practise your posing in front of the mirror.
• Eat well, exercise and get plenty of sleep.
• Always be yourself and don't get influenced by people.
• Set your goals and know what you want to achieve.
• Ask questions.
• Help your luck and be proactive; don't wait to be discovered.
• Always be on time.
• Treat people as you would like to be treated.
• Enjoy what you do!

As a model, is there any particular thing you'd like to campaign for or against?

I would like to campaign against racism and discrimination, domestic violence and abusing children's rights.

What's your message to those who organise fashion events in UK but deny models of colour a chance of taking part?

I strongly believe that beauty is diverse and I don't think it's right to see just one type of look on the runway or in fashion magazines. I'm happy that it is starting to change now, however it's still a very slow process.

How can someone book you?

For bookings in Asia: Amanda Dyer +65 92.338.254 bookings@scout-international.com

For bookings in North America: Riz Asghar +1 416.504.4266 riz@iconmodels.ca

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