44-year-old Supermodel Naomi Campbell strips down for the cover of Vanity Fair Spain.
Photographed by Nico 
Rohmir SS15
Monday, 20 October 2014
This season at London Fashion Week, Rohmir Spring/Summer 15 collection was showcased at Fashion Scout. I still remembered the first time Rohmir was introduced to me (AW14 collection) at Fashions Finest. Last season, each designs were individual. There were great balances between leather, faux fur and the use of sequins. The whole collection focused on the colour of deep blue, gold as well as pastels. Another thing that I thought bought the show together was the fact that a lot of the guests were dressed so amazingly. It was a good opportunity to be inspired by different sense of styles and characters before the show starts.

However, Spring/Summer 15 collection was completely different. Obviously, the designs were interesting but it was so different to the previous collection. I guess that fits perfectly with the fashion industry – constantly changing, and unpredictable. When I was watching this show, I had mixed emotions. At one point I thought the collection was inspired by travelling, then all of a sudden some models walked elegantly down the catwalk, all wearing glamorous evening dresses like they were about to attend a gala dinner. I made a rather wrinkly-face like a pug, as I was slightly confused. Personally, I feel that this collection was 'unfinished'. But I guess that could also be a positive thing, as quoted by the famous artist, Leonardo da Vinci, "Art is never finished, only abandoned."
Each designs were individual though, the 'travelling inspired' designs were playful yet feminine. Almost like telling a story of a woman who has travelled the world, the bold print of belts against subtle tone of beige, with a hint of pleats blended into the skirt. The designs are very contemporary; sharp cuts, with strong structure. I feel like this collection was designed especially for independent women, as many designs looked rather mature and well-presented at the same time.
The evening dresses were stunning, but they were super difficult to capture (sharply) on camera. I adore the fuchsia dresses the most – the way they have been draped, layered and most importantly they looked so elegant on the models as they passes by. I think they were the perfect evening dresses to look and feel feminine in. As the material was so delicate, they were allowed to flow around freely as soon as the models stepped onto the runway. Last of all, I can happily say that I'm more excited to see darker and brighter shades of pink (and any other colours) heating up spring/summer next year. Because honestly I'm getting tired of that 'pastel pink' stuff now - it's so repetitive!
The designer happily poses for the cameras with her most favourites dresses. It was so obvious; that beautiful fuchsia dress stepped out to the front! Gosh, I must have a good taste!

Written by FF blogger Boonya Rodpunyar 
Flirt Lash and Blow Dry Bar
Monday, 20 October 2014
Flirt invites you in with its empowering décor; Marilyn Monroe is splashed all over the walls in front of you? The one problem I had with Flirt is that it had been open for a year and I had only just been informed of its whereabouts. When entering the salon the first thought that comes to mind is that if I step out looking half as good as Terrie or Daisy then it would be money well spent.

I chose individual eyelashes on my first visit. They do offer other treatments like:
Eyebrows shape and tint
Eyelash tint
File and Polish
Shellac Gel Manicure and Pedicure
Shampoo and Blow dry
Cut and Blow dry

To apply my eyelashes I had to lie down and Terrie put micro pore tape on my eyes so she could then clean and apply primer to my lashes. After she looked at my eye shape, length and thickness she decided what look would be best for me. I had the everyday mascara look with a small flick at the sides. It took Terrie an hour and a half to finish the look. After seeing them I honestly thought they looked fabulous. I already feel like I will not be able live without them. If you want a more glamorous look then is available for the same price at thirty five pounds. The lashes can last up to six weeks with the right aftercare. You are advised to keep your lashes dry for forty eight hours after but Terrie will talk you through this at the end to make sure they last as long as possible. You can get infills at the small price of twenty five pounds.

Contact: 01926 258523

Written by FF blogger Hayley Sweeney