Keshi Pearls by Yvel Take Center Stage
Wednesday, 05 November 2014
The irregular shape, size, and color of Keshi pearls are part of what make them so unique.
When you put a strand on, give these pearls their due glory and let them take center stage in your outfit.

The Satin Sea Collection by Yvel was created to caress, curve, and accent the unique shape of the Keshi pearl. An organic aesthetic combined with simple sophistication is what makes this collection of pearls shine so brightly. The Keshi Pearl & Diamond Rose Gold Earrings and Keshi Fresh Water Pearl Necklace are the epitome of true luxury and sublime sophistication. Compliment these luxury items with solid colors and sleek silhouettes.

Keshi Pearl & Diamond Rose Gold Earrings

When wearing these earrings, avoid distracting from their beauty by opting for fabrics with minimal texture, solid colors from top to bottom, and either high or deep-V necklines.
Image source: Candid Online

For an evening look, try an elegant full-length silk gown in a jewel-tone color with a high neckline, or a fitted jumpsuit in a single color with a plunging neckline.

If you are attending a laid-back evening event, wear a long-sleeved sweater dress in a neutral color paired with black tights and booties, or wide-leg pants with a matching sheer blouse.
You can also transition these earrings into a day look with a solid-color jersey wrap dress or jeans, boots, and a solid-color blouse.

Keshi Freshwater Pearl & Gold Nugget Necklace

The Keshi pearl necklace is a more dramatic choice in jewelry that combines white Keshi fresh water pearls with 18K yellow gold pieces. As such, keep your other jewelry, accessories, and overall look minimal by selecting simple textures and non-patterned fabrics. In addition, since this necklace sits high up on the collar bone, the most important factor you'll need to consider when putting together an outfit is the neckline; for an ideal look choose a crew, u-neck, or strapless neckline. Whichever neckline you decide on, make sure that the neckline is either high enough or low enough to display the necklace without cutting it off.
Since this Keshi necklace incorporates gold, try pairing it with black or cream colors to let the full range of colors in the pearls and gold shine through.

These looks work well year-round; whatever outfit you choose, draw inspiration from the Keshi pieces and let the pearls shine through.

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Ladies, are you too tired to go out for Halloween after a hectic week at work? Maybe, you could spend a spooky night in with your other half instead. But no matter how good at cooking you are, he'll definitely ignore his dinner if you wear the right costume! It is many men's dream to see a woman in glamorous lingerie with elegant lace details – They just can't get over it! And let's be honest, you don't have to wait until Valentine's Day to wear them, it's good to be full of surprises! So, I've put together a list of sexy Halloween inspired lingerie from Dita Von Teese, giving you some ideas to prepare a romantic night in. And don't worry; these can also be worn on any other occasions too!
Madam X Bikini Parisienne Blue (Underwire Bra)
Parisienne Suspender Black Cobalt
Parisienne Underwire Bustier Black Cobalt

I absolutely love Madam X Bikini set in Parisienne Blue (also available in red), the design is amazingly sexy and the underwire bra is perfect for extra support under the bust. There's nothing I would complain about this. I adore the lace and crossed over straps details; they add great touch of romance and femininity. There is also a very similar design, Madam X Non Underwire Bra, the only difference to this one is the tiny gap design between the cleavage and a non-underwire bra. Which, are available in black and Parisienne Blue. It's quite amusing actually because I once owned a witch costume, which was literally the same colour as the lingerie! Personally, I've always thought that purple is a passionate and mysterious colour, but a lot of women seems to go for the 'safer' shade of black (but white or red if they are a bit brave), like the phase, 'you can never go wrong in black'.

Savoir Faire Peacock Black Lace

Well, for those who are rather adventurous with colour, I would like to introduce the Savoir Faire plunge bra and half slip in peacock black lace. This gorgeous teal set combines with delicate touch of lace, a tiny slit down the center of your slip-on with a little gem detail where the split has started. The elastic waistline will give you a great comfort to lounge in, the lace detail on the bra will give you a fuller looking bust and helps soften down the harsh edges of the bra. Now, you can look just as sexy as the American burlesque dancer/model, Dita Von Teese!

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Happy Halloween!

Written By FF Blogger Boonya Rodpunyar 
DKNY Resort 2015 campaign
Tuesday, 28 October 2014
Models Cara Delevingne, Brandee Brown, Vashtie Kola and Chelsea Leyland appear in DKNY Resort 2015 campaign