3D Hair stroke brows
Friday, 29 August 2014
If you are unhappy with the shape or even the thickness of your eyebrows then permanent makeup by Lucy Foster is a must. Eyebrow pencil is good for a while but if you are constantly rushing around then it is likely to come off when you sweat.

Lucy's permanent tattoos can last up to 18 months and then you can have top ups. When you first arrive at whichever one of Lucy's salons is closer to you, she will kindly offer you a hot or cold beverage to drink while she puts some numbing solution on your eyebrows which will stay on for twenty minutes. After this time has passed Lucy will take to you into the room where she will transform your eyebrows. You may go into that room looking like a seven but after Lucy has worked her magic, you will come out a ten.

The first task that Lucy will do is measuring your eyebrows to check the length and height to ensure that no mistakes are made. After this Lucy draws on what she thinks your fuller eyebrows should look like, this will continue until you are a hundred per cent happy with how they look. You then move on to the tattooing, you lie down and Lucy will set to work. It feels nothing like a tattoo that you would get on another body part and you just feel a slight scratching but as Lucy continues to apply numbing solution throughout the procedure in the end you barely feel anything. After you have looked at yourself in the mirror Lucy will wax and pluck away any stray hairs you have, as she strives for perfection.

The time you spend there is about an hour and a half and will cost you £395.00; this is a small price to pay when you think of how much time and money you will save on tint and eyebrow pencils. After a few weeks you will have to return to check on the pigment to make sure it held and to also make changes to the colour and shape if necessary.
For more information go to www.lucyfoster.co.uk 
KENZO in Galeries Lafayette
Friday, 22 August 2014
A few weeks ago, I visited Paris for a short getaway and decided that I wanted to spend my time wisely; shopping and checking out some of the fashion brands I admire the most up-close. I was immediately surrounded by KENZO newest collection at the mall, where I constantly responded, 'I'm just browsing' to the sales team. Luckily, they were very kind and didn't mind that I took some photos of the collection, as I mentioned that I was very inspired.

I've been loving the design of eye-prints ever since I first spotted the 'eye-dress' by Zara. Sadly, as this high street brand is in high demand, I couldn't get my hands on one as they were sold out everywhere! By the time I found one (in my size), everybody has one, so I don't want one anymore. Because I happily purchased an adorable looking eyes print shirt from Lavish Alice a few months ago instead!

Anyway, I'm not usually a lover of the colour green - I'm very picky when it comes to that shade but definitely not a fan of deep green. But as soon as I saw this KENZO jacket with a huge eye-print design on the back, I had to bite my tongue as I fell in love with it! The leather was super soft, and when I looked at the colour properly, it looked so stylish in reality - I'd say this is a head-turning piece indeed! I went a bit crazy over the scarves collection as well, they were also available in red, blue and black eye-print designs! They also had other patterns to choose from as well, such as their iconic tiger print and a colourful abstract print. I love that KENZO never fails to express the artistic side of fashion, that's why it's a definite to be one of my all-time-favourite brand from Paris!
Written by Fashions Finest blogger Boonya Rodpunyar 
The Ije experience...

Ije Shop brought the catwalk come to life with music, dance and can you believe it cultural food such as Yams, peppers, bananas and more. It was inspirational and fun to see the models enjoying the moment and the crowd roaring with laughter.

Well done Ije Shop!
Photo Credit: Trevor Fogah - Griffiths iDeLick Media