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Sunday, 12 January 2014
Fashion Myths and Secrets for Petite Ladies.

Believing popular fashion myths about petite women can lead you to buy clothing that doesn't flatter your body and makes you look frumpy. But when you know which fashion rules are fact and which ones are myths, you can create a look that you'll love. Below, you'll find a list of fashion myths that petite women often believe.

Myth 1: All clothes for petite women are the same.

Fact: Clothes shopping when you're petite can be difficult. Not only is petite clothing sized differently, but there's no standard definition of petite. A shirt that's listed as petite in one brand might be considered average in another. This can create a frustrating shopping experience for petite women.

Myth 2: If you're petite, try shopping in the boys' or juniors' section.

Fact: Young boy and teenage girls have different body portions than petite women do. Although, some petite women may be able to shop in these sections, it's not recommended. The clothes may not fit correctly and the clothing selection is often inappropriate for working women. You can visit visit Navabi to find fashion for petite women.

Myth 3: Petite clothing is just shorter.

Fact: This myth can make clothes shopping a challenge. Petite clothing isn't just about where the hemline falls. Most petite women have body proportions that are different from women of average height.

Myth 4: Your clothes should fit right off the rack.

Fact: This is a common fashion blunder. Clothing manufacturers design clothes based on the average size of a petite. If you're two inches shorter than the manufacturer's definition of average petite then the jeans you bought off the rack won't look as nice on you as they did on the model that was used. That's why it's important that you take time to use the dressing room before you make a purchase.

Myth 5: Petite and Misses are the same size.

Fact: While there are some clothing manufacturers that do this, it's not standard. Most petite women find that petite clothing has a slightly smaller fit. This can be helpful to know if you're looking for a pair of jeans or a top that needs to be snug.

Myth 6: Petite women should always wear heels.

Fact: Petite women can definitely use a boost from heels. But just because you're petite, don't fall into the trap of thinking you can only wear pumps. You can still wear your favorite flats when the urge strikes. In fact, it's better on your spine, hips, and feet if you ditch the heels occasionally.

Myth 7: Only wear tiny patterns or tiny jewelry.

Fact: Petite women can pull off medium patterns and jewelry and in some cases, even the large size. You don't have to stick with small patterns if you don't like them. In fact, small patterns can sometimes emphasize how small you are even more than big ones do.

Shopping for petite women can be fun once you understand which fashion rules are myths. Not only will getting the right fit make you look terrific, you'll also feel confident and beautiful. Don't be afraid to experiment with other fashion rules and see which ones don't work for your body type.

Liz Smith is a passionate fashionista. She believes every woman has the right to look and feel beautiful, so she often blogs about the tips and tricks to flattering modern styles.
Written by guest blogger Megan Barnes who lives for style.  
Fabulously Feminine
Wednesday, 01 January 2014
How to Wear a Biker Jacket without Looking Like a Man.

Although many women don't mind sporting a more masculine look with their biker jacket, others prefer a more feminine look when wearing their jackets. A biker jacket is incredibly versatile and can be worn in accordance with a woman's style easily. The following will help you pair your jacket with other items for an upbeat look that never seems to go out of style!

Choosing a Biker Jacket

If you don't already own a biker jacket, you'll find that there is a wide selection of these jackets to choose from in a myriad of styles. Naturally, some will be more on the rough and tough biker side while others may be toned down to look almost preppy! You can choose a biker jacket style that will enhance your wardrobe and complement your look. Though typical jackets are black, you'll also find them in brown and other colors too. While the iconic jackets are leather, you can also purchase faux leather examples if you choose and these come in a rainbow colors.

You'll also find that some styles can complement your shape better than others. For instance, a diagonal zipper style can mask a tummy problem area. The right cut can achieve a kind of look you're going for. While some cuts are youthful and hip, others might sport ruffles for a more feminine and even romantic look.

Upscale and Sophisticated

If you are partial to that upscale look, you can pair your biker jacket--a sleek black or silver number--with a pencil skirt or even some silk slacks. You can achieve a sophisticated look by wearing a gray jacket, for example, with clothing that is also gray. The single-color outfit is a surefire standout. If you like a put-together look, go for the single-color dynamic.


Casual Chic

You can achieve a comfortable look for a day of shopping or sightseeing by pairing a two-tone biker jacket with a pair of skinny jeans, an oversize sweater, and your favorite fall boots! A biker jacket is versatile enough to dress up or down depending what you pair with it. So, if you are planning to hit a hockey game after a day of shopping, you coat can easily go with you from one venue to another.

Club Scene

For an edgy look, pair a sleek shiny black cropped biker jacket with your favorite tank dress--something that sparkles. Pair a metallic dress and heels with this jacket for a look you're sure to want to repeat. To ramp up the edgy factor, wear a short dress with knee-high leather boots that match your jacket.

Urban and Trendy

Pair a metallic silver biker jacket with a pair of matching tights. Tie the look together with a long sleek shirt--pearl gray or white. You can dress it up with some accessories--a long silk scarf or a strand of vintage glass beads. Add some stand-out earring or a stylish hat to complement the look. Some leather boots or a pair of flats will complete your city-going outfit.

Take-Me-Anywhere Style

If you aren't sure where the day will take you, grab your favorite turtleneck and pair it with your favorite jeans and your biker jacket. A black turtleneck is always a safe bet. You can show up to brunch in this ensemble or hit the mall with a good friend for an afternoon of shopping. A great pair of boots will dress this look up as will a pair of flashy heels!

Girly and Sweet

You can tame that biker jacket by pairing it with a floral twirl dress and a hip pair of boots. Add a headband for your hair and you're ready for a date out for pizza or to catch a movie. Biker jackets pair really well with all sorts of dresses and give them just a bit more drama, a bit more flair!

You'll find that your biker jacket is versatile enough to wear every week! It goes with denim as well as corduroy. It won't compromise your tweed or dampen your knits. In fact, you'll love wearing your biker jacket so much that you should probably own more than one!

Written by guest blogger Megan Barnes who lives for style. She especially enjoys blogging about fresh looks and flattering fashion for the everyday woman.
"Tiger World PR headed up the search to find the 'Face of Fashion's Finest'. We knew we would have a lot of applicants and with our good friends at Starnow featuring the competition on their global casting site we knew the standard would be extremely hight.

Knowing our clients, as we do, we wanted to ensure that the candidates were not just 'beautiful people' on the outside but those who had a special light inside also. We saw this at the live round when we met Amelia Black.

Over 400 models applied but there could only be one winner. Amelia Black was graceful, charming, educated and informed. She was prepared and knew who she was and what she wanted to achieve in her career. The decision was unanimous and we knew instantly she was something special with a great career ahead of her.

It was a pleasure to manage the search for 'Fashions Finest' and we are excited to see the results of Amelia's photoshoot and success to follow."

Dani Gibson- Tiger Wolrd PR & Events


Photograph taken by Spencer McPherson

About Amelia Black

Part time model and after graduating hopes to focus on furthering her modelling career.

Her first major catwalk experience came in September 2012 for Cheltenham Fashion Week shortly followed by a photo shoot for Cotswold Style Magazine. Since then she has developed her catwalk and photo shoot confidence showcasing bridal, high end fashion, lingerie and recently hair working closely with a local hair stylist. Jo Gossage from Stuart Holmes Hair and Beauty Salon has in abled her to take part in a showcases for L'Oreal's S/S and A/W collections, working together again to create a skilled hair style for a competition photo shoot for a Japanese Hair Brand, Shu Uemura. 2013 has seen Amelia complete a full circle finishing her busy year where she started, on the runway for Cheltenham Fashion Week in their biggest events to date.

When Amelia found out about winning 'Face of Fashion Finest' she was speechless and could not believe it. A very excited Amelia kept the news to herself all day so she could tell her loved ones in person that evening. She really didn't think she would win and had only told her boyfriend about going to London even doubting herself at the casting seeing all the other amazing models.

Amelia is looking forward to 2014 and to the opportunities that 'Face of Fashion Finest' has given her. She is excited to start working with everyone in the process to make this year the most successful yet and cannot wait to perfect her walk for her debut at LFW something she has only dreamed of until now.

Amelia would like to thank everyone at the casting process, 'Face of Fashion Finest' for choosing her as your winner and to especially thank Alistair for everything he has done to help, support and push her to reach her goals but also to her family, without them none of it would be possible.