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MARA Cosmetics

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The new Brantastic Range is out now!
The benefits of using MARA Cosmetics are that it is homemade skin food, good enough to eat! The Brantastic Range is for all skins, including pregnant women, babies, elderly people, men and women. We are a unisex, universal brand who pledges to appeal to ANYONE WITH SKIN.

The Brantastic Cleanser: This cleanser is guaranteed premium 100% organic. With Chinese Pure Rice Bran oil, our cleanser will wipe away daily grease and grime, remove long-wear makeup with ease whilst Neroli Water gently cleanses, making it Brantastically perfect for your skin. This is a light and emollient oil cleanser, rich in vitamin E, containing both oleic and linoleic acids. Store at room temperature and shake before use to allow the oil/ water mix to formulate. Ideal for shaving bumps, uneven skin complexion, combination skin tendencies and general cleansing.

Soothing and conditioning, your skin will feel loved. Ingredients: Pure Rice Bran Oil, Neroli Water, Coconut Wax, Lemongrass Essential Oil (Natural Preservant) £10.00
The Brantastic Toner: This tonic water is the softest mixer on the market! With Pure Rice Bran and Pure Organic Rose Damask from Bulgaria, you'd be foolish not to seal your pores us. Most people do not understand what a toner does. Let us break it down. After you cleanse, your pores are open so they need to be cleansed so they do not clog with unwanted cleanser. A toner cleans away traces of your cleanser, closes your pores so your moisturizer does not get caught in your pores, leading to undesirable spots. It tightens and conditions the skin. Ever wondered why some people have clarified flawless skin- the secret is toner.

Ingredients: Pure Rose Water, Rice Bran Oil, Coconut Wax, Lemon Grass Essential Oil (Natural Preservant). Clarify your pores, no gin needed. £8.00

The Brantastic Mango-go Face Cream: One of the purest butters in the universe is Mango. Exotic, refreshing, uplifting and absorbing, this wonderful day cream is packed full of antioxidant goodness and purely favorable for ALL SKIN TYPES and those with DRY SKIN. Typically used on the body but is smooth enough for face cream base, our Mango-go Cream is topped up with Oat Protein to create a natural emollient- so use it sparingly, a little goes a very long way! Mango Butter serves the skin for heat rashes, Eczema, wrinkles and is proven to show dramatic differences to skin within 6 weeks of use.

Ingredients: Pure Mango Butter, Oat Protein, Coconut Wax, Lemon grass essential oil (Natural preservative) What are you waiting for? Go Go get some! £12.00

Typically, Mango Butter is used for: Fights frost bite, stretch marks, insect bites , Promotes healthy rejuvenated skin , Relieves skin allergies, Treats eczema and dermatitis and fights off fine lines and wrinkles.

Typically, Rice Bran oil is used for: source of omega 6, boost skin metabolism, absorbs UV Rays, natural anti-aging, highly antioxidant making it suitable for young and older skin, Vit E.

At MARA Cosmetics, we believe in love for beauty in the purest form.
Uncompromised Organic Beauty, for anyone with skin.

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