Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Wanna Smell Good?

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There's an app for that!
The phone of the moment has got to be the iPhone...if you're a beauty savvy chick as well as a gadget geek Givaudan (industry leading perfumery house dontcha know) have come up with the perfect app for you...iPerfumer!

We headed down to the launch of this sweet smelling app at The Ivy early one morning (9am start arggh early but science waits for no man). Whilst nibbling on a nice bit of brekky we settled down to a lesson in perfume it iperfumer 101.

This clever little app takes away the stress of finding a new perfume. Hands up if you've ever been when you hit the perfume counter? My left hand is up as I type this. 

All you do is create a little profile and enter details about what scents you like. But what scents do I like I hear you ask. Well you'll soon find out 'cos this app takes you to a science level where you become that little French man in a white coat down in Rue de la Blah blah in the back streets of Paris. The app teaches you about base scents like Chypre (citrus top notes) and Fougère (often a base for male fragrances its floral woody and oriental with top notes of lavender). Once you are armed with knowledge, this sweet little app also throws up several examples of these types of fragrance (e.g. for fougère you'd see Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin Fraicheu, for chypre Coco Mademoiselle).

You'll begin to get an idea of what new scents you might like to try and what fragrances you can buy for other people (you can create multiple profiles). You can also rate the perfumes you've previously sniffed. Makes perfect scents doesn't it (sorry had to use this bad joke at some point).

This ingenious app also tells you about new fragrance launches, you can see the top rated perfumers by members of the iPerfumer community and it holds over 4500 perfumes in its database. This means you'll be armed with enough knowledge to whittle down your choices when you head to your nearest perfume counter or your surfing the web for a new fragrance. Wanna know more? Get you yourself down to the Apple store in Regent St, London and download it for free- the minute we finished our sausages we did!