Saturday, 31 July 2010

Minxy Make -Up Artist Vanessa Guallar!

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She's painted many famous faces including Uma Thurman, Kelly Brook and Ashton Kutcher.
Ooooh when we had the chance to meet superstar make up artist Vanessa Guallar we jumped at it. She's painted many famous faces including Uma Thurman, Kelly Brook and Ashton Kutcher. She's originally from Spain but her career has taken her from the UK to the USA and further. And not only is she handy with putting together the perfect colour palette for celebs she's created a make up line in conjunction with Boots N17. "Sit down darling, wow you look ah-mazing!" That's the first thing Vanessa says when I meet her. I love her already.

So tell us about your new line?
Well its the Starry Eye's Collection for Boots No17. Its coming out later on this year just ahead of Christmas- its fabulous!

Sounds exciting! So what makes it different?
Well the main thing is that it enables you to create a sophisticated smokey eye. It comes with instructions and a varied colour palette.

Whats the secret to a perfect smokey eye?
Its important to use some colour when you create a smokey eye. Its not all about just piling black eyeshadow on! You need to keep building the colours slowly don't start with black! That's what this new collection teaches you. Not to be afraid and to build a look that's glamour to the extreme! And although the collection comes out for Christmas, you can recycle it because its not just a make up kit for winter- its for every season!

You've made up tons of stars can you name a few!?
Oh gosh, erm- Kelly Brook, Myleene Klass, Denise Van Outen, Uma Thurman and Ashton Kutcher!

Wow! Thats a lot- whose your fav?
[Laughs]I don't have favourites I love them all! But I would say Myleene and me are good friends. Uma is pretty cool. She is such a regular girl. When she's getting ready she'll turn to me holding up dresses and say "Darling what should I wear?" And Kelly is just amazing. Me and her were chatting about Matthew Morrison the other day(Glee's Will Schuester)

That's her new man right!?
Well I did her make up the day she was going on a date with him! "She was saying to me "Vanessa what do you think- I'm not sure...." I told her to go for it!

Good advice cos they make a cute couple! Whats the most surreal experience you've had working with celebs?
Probably when I'm flicking through Heat magazine and I see myself in the back of paparazzi shots! The way those photographers vie for pictures is amazing. I remember doing Uma's make up for the Jonathan Ross show. When she was leaving she'd forgotten her glasses. So I told her to go to the car while I got it for her. When I got outside I tapped on her car window she opened it just a crack and all of the camera's went off I! A million flashes its crazy!

Sounds pretty surreal!
Definitely. And another surreal experience was when I did Ashtons make up. Demi was there. She is so beautiful in the flesh and so down to earth!

Anyone else you'd like to get your hands on that you haven't already?
Shakira- she's gorgeous. And Lady Gaga. I would love just working on the drama with her.

Cool! OK, so if someone has 5 minutes to get ready what would you suggest they do make-up wise?
First choose an eyeshadow, apply it with your fingers. If its a darker shade, draw it out to give the face a feline look. Use a light colour on the inner corner of your eye's to make them pop.
Put on lashings of mascara, Boots 17 Wild Curls in black looks amazing. Whip bronzer all over your face and use nude lip mirror shine (from Boots 17) to finish the look!

Sounds like 5 minute perfection! And whats the make up product you can't live without?Cream blusher. Ooh cream blusher is my best friend! It makes every girl look super cute!

Starry Eyes will be available this Autumn from