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 Wednesday, 03 August 2011

New Skincare Treats From Skin Wisdom

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Skin Wisdom, the award winning mass-lux skincare range has introduced two new everyday products to help replenish and revitalise the skin, and improve your complexion.
They may be the window to the soul but eyes are the one thing women (73%) attempt to change the most, with dark circles and wrinkles being the biggest issues*. The new Instant Benefits Eye Roll On instantly refreshes weary eyes and reduces the appearance of puffiness and dark circles. This instant pick me up leaves you looking less tired and ready to face the day with confidence.

Instant Benefits Eye Roll On - £7.00

The revitalising formula glides on gently with the massaging roll-on applicator, which helps to aid micro-circulation and drainage, this combined with ingredients such as rhodiola, guarana and light diffusing particles both help to reduce dark circles and puffiness.

Bharti Vyas, Holistic Beauty Therapist says: “The delicate skin around our eyes is one of the first places to show signs of ageing. In addition to keeping it moisturised, gently massage the area with your fingertips to drain the area of any fluids and toxins, which helps to reduce the puffiness.”

Skin Essentials Night Cream - £3.00

Wake up to radiant skin with the new Skin Essentials Night Cream. This specially designed moisturiser nourishes and improves your skin while you sleep by stimulating cell renewal and restoring skin’s elasticity.

Suitable for all skin types, the non-greasy moisturiser is easily absorbed, promoting soft, supple and smooth skin. Fruit acids help to renew the skin’s surface and a moisturising complex replaces moisture lost during the day.

Use every evening as part of the Skin Wisdom regime, and apply after removing make-up and daily dirt build-up with the Skin Essentials Refreshing Toner.

Bharti Vyas, says: “If your skin feels taut after cleansing it requires more nourishment and a rich cream moisturiser is therefore needed. After cleansing and toning, apply to face and neck using light upward strokes.”

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