Friday, 06 August 2010


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Illamasqua open its first stand alone store in Soho, London W1.
Cult British make-up brand Illamasqua launch their very first flagship store in September 2010!

The Illamasqua revolution continues! This autumn sees Cult British beauty brand open its first stand alone store in vibrant Soho at the heart of London's West end. An inspirational 150 metres square concept store housing a unique rotating exhibition area to display limited edition pieces for sale in support of Illamasqua's affiliated charity S.O.P.H.I.E. Light fantasies and signage created by the industries finest, together with sculptures by Creative Director Alex Box will be displayed in the 180* gallery style windows.

This milestone standalone store opening, just twenty two months after Illamasqua's UK launch in November 2008, will provide the best opportunity yet for Illamasqua to clearly demonstrate its position as the most vibrant, unique and professional make-up brand on the planet.

"This has been our ultimate aim since launching at the end of 2008, and I'm so glad we've achieved it so soon. The School of Make-up Art is part of our ongoing commitment to bring truly professional night-time make-up to anyone who wants to self-express. We're the only brand on the high street to do that, of which I'm incredibly proud."
Julian Kynaston, Illamasqua founder

'Working with Illamasqua has felt like an adrenalin rush injection into the industry and this Flag Ship Store project is going to be orgasmic. It is a fantastically Creative company looking at beauty through a completely new lens. I just love it.'
Joe Corre, Key Investor

In addition to showcasing Illamasqua's collection of over 700 professional-quality colour products, Illamasqua's store will be home to the exclusive 'Illamasqua School of make-up Art'. Courses have been developed and created by Illamasqua's house Creative David Horne and industry professional Spob to cover the professional spectrum from Illamasqua foundation courses to transformation courses for stage, film and HD TV. SOMUA is a focal point for education and experimentation, a place where for the first time a truly professional make-up collection and service is made available on the high street.

"The Illamasqua School of Make up art is an epicentre of inspiration, colour's, textures and discussion. A creative space for experimentation with make-up, discussion about colour, trend, facial styling and individuality. This store represents a creative haven, a make up Mecca where any expression with make up is possible, likely, or just a pot or pan away from grasp. A mirage of colour in central London where we invite you to play and stay a while or learn, express or delve into your creativity and knowledge. The short courses we offer build an expressive platform to perfect make up artistry principles; learn additional professional techniques and master more proficient make-up skills with confidence. It is truly exciting that as a British cosmetic brand we can bring our fountain of colour and knowledge to make our mark of difference to the heart of central London."
David Horne, Director of New Product Development

This is Human Fundamentalism!
Make-up for your Alter Ego
War paint against mediocrity!
This is Illamasqua!