Monday, 24 October 2011

Caribbean Collection

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Panama Weave
Four new island inspired styles from Hair by Sleek’s Crazy 4 Curls rangeThe Caribbean Collection in 100% human hair.
Channel Caribbean chic with these four new island inspired styles from the Crazy 4 Curls range. Made from 100% human hair, these curls are easy to manage and retain their shape. Choose from an array of sumptuous shades, from delectable dark to honey kissed chocolaty mixes. So whether it's the breezy look of a Bahamian beach, or uber chic like a street from Panama City's old quarter, give your hair an exotic makeover this autumn.

Available in 4 new styles: Bahamas Weave and Panama Weave available November 2011, Cuban Weave and Dominican Weave available early 2012.

Bahamas Weave

Get natural looking beachy waves with the gorgeous Bahamas Weave. It features straightened lengths at the top which then taper off into small sets of uni-directional waves, available in lengths 8" to 18".

Cuban Weave

If lightly dishevelled, bed head hair is your thing, get it with super trendy Cuban Weave. It has loose sets of bi-directional, hook shaped curls and is available in 8" length.

Panama Weave

A bevy of large, luxurious spiral curls adorn the lengths of this retro inspired, sophisticated style. Available in 8" to 18" lengths.

Dominican Weave

Oodles of medium sized sets of spiral curls come together to create cutesy Dominican weave. Available in short and sassy 8" length.