Friday, 03 September 2010

Joy In a Jar

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Temple Spa has bottled happiness with Skin Truffle.
Skin Truffle is a ground-breaking skincare revolution. Commissioned by Temple Spa in Switzerland, Skin Truffle has taken 5 years to perfect. Experts in Derma-Science have created a cream so luxurious and yet incredibly effective that your skin will literally glow with the endorphins released when using it. Skin Truffle will make you radiantly happy.

Skin Truffle is a major new launch from Skincare house Temple Spa. A powerful rejuvenation product, it's rich in ingredients synonymous with luxury and celebration. The phyto-endorphin complex is what makes the skin radiantly happy, but the cutting edge science that has been deployed and the powerful natural ingredients is what make Skin Truffle the next big skincare must-have.

The breakthrough complex, HappyBelle-PE, combines antioxidants, vitamins and phyto-endorphins in an ultra-penetrating controlled release delivery system. These endorphins are extracted from the berries of Monks Pepper, commonly grown in the Mediterranean and well known for their mood boosting properties. These extracts are encapsulated into Liposomes and combined with two potent nanoparticle antioxidants carefully selected to fight free radicals, enhance collagen production and help protect the skin from the signs of ageing.

Temple Spa isn't just about delivering effective skin science, it also about nurturing the skincare experience. Skin Truffle doesn't just give you instant skin radiance with long term anti-ageing benefits that reduced tired dull skin and regulates moisture levels, you'll get a huge mood boost by just using it. Skin Truffle feels and smells truly divine.

Skin Truffle has captured a plethora of exciting ingredients closely linked with celebration which include black truffles, pure gold and silk, along with extracts of champagne, chocolate and strawberries. Micronised, sheer diamond particles are then slowly released to leave the skin with a dewy, luminous complexion.

• Truffle is rich in amino acids to boost collagen production
• Cocoa Butter contains large number of antioxidants to blast free radicals
• Champagne is a natural skin humidifier and contains fruit acids for gentle
• Strawberry tones and purifies the skin
• Gold and Silk extract are moisturising and antibacterial
• Diamonds illuminate the skin by converting the invisible blue light that gives the
complexion its beautiful glow.

RRP: £75 Arriving on counter on 1st September 2010.
Available exclusively at Harrods Apothecary.

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