Thursday, 15 December 2011

Revive, Renew & Rejuvenate With KMS!

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REVIVAL, BOUNCE BACK and MAKEOVER, three words on everybody's mind when January rolls around.
New Year equals a new you, it's time for a new routine, to get fit and healthy, lose weight, join a yoga class, begin a more righteous lifestyle, and look better. KMS California can help with your image overhaul; after all there is no better place to start than with your hair. KMS California has a wide range of products designed to transform locks, including MOISTREPAIR revival creme, CURLUP bounce back spray and HAIRPLAY makeover spray.

After the hectic holiday period it is time to tend to your tresses. They've been straightened, curled, back combed, clipped, tied, plaited and twisted all in the name of party perfection. An instant fix is MOISTREPAIR revival crème (RRP £14.95), this little beauty is like hand cream for your hair, it adds moisture and improves manageability. CURLUP bounce back spray (RRP £14.30) ensures curl retention whilst protecting against heat, simply spray onto towel dried or dry hair to reactivate curls. HAIRPLAY makeover spray (RRP £14.50) ensures hair has that much needed January makeover. It is a spilt second refresher great for quick style touch ups, absorbing oil to refresh limp locks. Three fantastic products that will rejuvenate your hair leaving you totally transformed. Who needs a diet when you can have great hair?