Saturday, 14 April 2012

Get Cheryl Coles NEW Body in a flash

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The £41.00 body Secret: How to get perfect, flawless legs in minutes.
Shooting her new video recently in LA Cheryl Cole was spotted with perfect pins and it's all down to her new exercise regimen as well as clever makeup tricks. A fan of the range for a number of years passed on to Cheryl through a close friend and her PR the Body Perfection Gel has been a hit in LA with celebrities including Blake Lively, J-Lo & Giselle Bundchen.

How to get perfect, flawless legs in minutes without the hassle of a spray tan or streaky self tans? Per-fekt has created the ultimate solution 'Body Perfection Gel' the mousse like gel is applied to the skin as a moisturiser containing Shea butter to hydrate as well as key instant bronzing ingredient Mica which gives a glow and instant biscuity tan colour to luck lustre skin. Body Perfection Gel eliminates the need to self tan and also conceals imperfection such as bruises, lumpy skin with Orange Peel Oil to instantly reduce the appearance of cellulite whilst reducing fat cells.

Price: £41.00
Stockist: Harvey Nichols, House of Fraser, Fenwick.