Friday, 15 October 2010

Gorilla Perfumes

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Great perfumes are like works of art. They are memorable, inspiring and delightful.
The Smell of Freedom (£37.00 for 30g perfume bottle / £15.00 for 10g atomizer / £7.00 for solid perfume)

This is a perfume depicting the struggles faced by three people in their quest for freedom. It's a triptych portrait of strength, hope and unwavering determination; each of the three layers tells a story. They merge together in the end to form the complete fragrance: The Smell of Freedom.

This exquisite fragrance opens with a spicy Old Delhi Station mix of clove, ginger, jasmine and black pepper inspired by a train journey taken through India to meet an exiled Tibetan monk, who had escaped the oppressive Chinese regime by fleeing over the Himalayas to Nepal. The fragrance then moves into a more citrusy lemon myrtle and lemongrass accord, which is the Fire Tree Aboriginal part - consisting of fire tree oil and Australian sandalwood. Finally there is a sophisticated dry down to sandalwood and orris and heavy Middle Eastern oils such as oudh and frankincense the Oudh Heart. This blend is a potent Arabic accord and provides the strong heart of the perfume inspired after meeting freed Gunantanomo Bay prisoner Sami al Hadj.

Lust (£20.00 for 30g perfume bottle / £9.00 for 10g atomiser / £24.00 for candle)

Unashamedly carnal and sexy, this fragrance is pure jasmine. It's extremely provocative, sensual and erotic.Jasmine, ylang ylang and sandalwood are all aphrodisiacs and help relieve any inhibitions. Sensual, provocative, wanton ... this is the perfume to wear if you want to get lucky. Light the candle to set the scene for seduction - it will help you throw caution to the wind, give in to your desires and loose yourself in the moment.

Imogen Rose (£42.00 for 30g perfume bottle £20.00 for 10g atomiser / £10.00 for solid perfume)

A soft, exquisite Damascus rose perfume. Opening with fresh roses straight from the field using 100% pure rose oil and garden fresh notes of basil. It moves quickly into baby soft talc with tonka and rose absolute producing a warm embracing middle note. Finally the dry down is a sweet amber with vetivert, orris and ambrette seed providing a warm floral finish. A beautiful, romantic, one-of-a-kind perfume.