Monday, 03 June 2013

How to rock 90's Grunge-beach California Hair?

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Tousled, windswept locks are being worn loosely tied back, or free flowing and wavy amongst the Hollywood circuit and there are a fanfair of celebrity devotees.
Taking inspiration from classic 90's films Point Break, 2002's Blue Crush, California-esque style hair is artfully tousled hair is made easy by hair guru Mark Woolley who has recently introduced his ultimate 90's beach babe spray P-4 Preparation Spray to Harvey Nichols (£15.50) shares the following tips below:

Rihanna & the girls below sharing 90's beach hair on a night out

What is P-4 Spray? Its like a BB Cream for the hair transforming rough split dull textured hair into top conditon a styler, conidtioner, detagnler, split-end repair, UVA/B protector, beach-essential, cortex/cuticle smoother, primer, plumper.

Hair Guru Mark Woolley's 90's Hair tips below

Step One

Despite waves that look quite casual and relaxed, the hair should actually be luxuriously smooth from root to tip, so whilst hair is still damp, apply P-4 Prep Spray from root to tip and comb through with your fingers. Ideally, long and thick hair should always be prepped in this way to ensure a soft, shiny and frizz-free base

Step Two

Create a rough off-centre parting and blow dry the hair until 90% dry. Use a Denman/ Electric Large Paddle Brush (£14) to guide the hair smooth as it's great for detangling and taming longer hair with minimal damage.

Step Three

Now, taking inch-wide sections of hair, wrap the lengths around large heated rollers, starting at the ends. Hold the hair taut as you roll upwards and secure at the roots. If you have the time, allow the heated rollers to cool so the curl is fully set. If you're short on time, simply speed up the drying process with a hair dryer.

Step Four

Gently unravel the hair before breaking up the waves with your fingers for a more tousled effect. Focus on the mid-lengths and ends as this will make the hair appear fuller. Finally, to make sure the hair holds shape and doesn't go limp, a liberal dose of L'Oreal Professionnel Air Fix Hair Spray (£8.90) will do the trick.

Price: £15.50