Monday, 28 April 2014

Formula X: The System

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Sometimes it doesn't matter how much TLC you give your nails, chips will find a way to ruin your carefully executed creation within hours (minutes for the less fortunate).

Before you know it all the other nails are jumping on the bandwagon. Well, not any more. The French cosmetics company, Sephora, presents us with a reasonably priced solution: The System.

Comprising of four pieces, the System is a customizable manicure set that aims to maximise the durability of your nail varnish against whatever your day has in store for you. So what does the kit include? First off, a Nail Cleanser; this item allows you to remove excess oil and residue from your nails. Next, the adhesive Base Coat; designed to prime your nails ready for your chosen varnish, this item acts as the perfect foundation for your nail colour to cling to. The third step allows you to personalise your System experience, giving you the opportunity to select a Formula X varnish of your choice and with over 200 shades available across the Formula X collection, ranging from intensely bright reds to classic nudes, there is a suitable colour to accompany any outfit or occasion.
And finally, the Top Coat; helping to protect and preserve your nail colour,  the Top Coat gives your nails a professional high shine that will last for days on end. Whether your visits from chips have become a little too frequent nowadays or you are off on holiday, unable to guarantee a decent manicure whilst you are there, The System provides you with a four step resolution.
Available at Sephora stores worldwide and online, this kit allows you to maintain a gel look without the forcing your nails to endure the harsh effects gel manicures can sometimes induce.
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