Wednesday, 26 November 2014

New hair for a new season

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In this festive season when we will all have numerous parties to attend, so we need to look our best.

Instead of just the weather changing, why not change your hair colour? Brighten your dreary winter days by going blond.

You could even change your style, ballerina buns for instance. You could go for business lady neat or messy easy bun:

1. Brush hair to remove knots and tangles.
2. Proceed to pull your hair back, start by taking hair near the front of your face and collect all your hair into one hand. Hold your hair exactly where you would like your bun.
3. Put all your hair into a ponytail using an elastic band.
4. Using a hair doughnut that matches your hair colour, thread your ponytail through the middle of the doughnut.
5. Find the middle of your ponytail that you have pulled through the doughnut and pull it through to cover the sponge.
6. Wrap the remaining hair in a circular motion around the doughnut.
7. To secure the style use an elastic band or Kirby grips to give you a neat bun.

For Curly hair

1. Wring excess moisture from hair after showering.
2. Work a small amount of curl control cream through hair from the middle to ends.
3. Use a diffuser to dry curls about halfway.
4. Finish off with hold spray.

You may even want to go your hairdressers and opt for a short style for the winter season.