Monday, 01 December 2014

Luxsit Organic introduces NEW Regenerating Serum

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In a generation of skin concious consumers everybody is going Organic.

With celebrities shopping at Wholefoods for skincare, alternatives to cosmetic surgery and not to mention the dangers of harsh chemicals in skincare which we can all live without.

Regenerating Serum designed to counteract the appearance of deep lines and sagging. instantly lifting and boosting skin complexion the active oil derived from bilberry seed high phytosterol content that has been proven to rebuild the collagen of the skin. High doses of Vitamin E content helps to reduce the formation of fine lines.

Regenerating Serum Benefits:

• Instantly produces a sparkling youthful glow
• Combats dryness and dehydration easily absorbing into the skin
• Rich in Bilberry seed to lift and improve facial contour
• Effective skin boosting effects working from the inside out improving skin elasticity
• Collagen Boosting with Vitamin E helps counteract the formation of fine lines
• Tightening and toning skin rich in argan, avocado and jojoba oil and carrot root extract to improve skintone and texture
• Anti-ageing benefits relax strained frown lines by penetrating the skin quickly with a blast of organic nourishing ingredients to lock in moisture

Available: Price: £43.00 30ML