Thursday, 28 May 2015


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This Saturday the Hilton in Canary Wharf played host to the 4th Annual Curlvolution natural hair and beauty show.

This is my 2nd time attending Curlvolution, and I must say that both times I thoroughly enjoyed all aspect of the show.

This year the organiser teamed up with American natural hair blogger, Jenell Stewart Guy of Kinky Curly Coily Me who hosted a workshop called 'being natural isn't easy - but you can survive'

Alongside Jenell Stewarts workshop Curlvolution also had the following workshops and seminars on offer:

• 'Passion to platform - The business of blogging' hosted by Laila 'neffy fro fro' and Pelumi 'cfyh'
• Hair Care and Styling hosted by Felicia Leatherwood
• Hair clinic hosted by Mane Divas
• Make up masterclass hosted by Kluermoi
• Phenomenal you hosted by action Jackson

The show was hosted by Action Jackson- aka called Mr Curlvolution who kept attendees entertained with jokes, product giveaways and inspirational affirmations.

I especially like the fact that Curlvolution allows the venders to come up on stage to pitching their business and the products they were selling for 45 seconds.

The event wrapped up with the '50 Shades of Brown' Panel discussion. The Panel comprised of Jenell Stewart Apprentice 2014 finalist Bianca Miller, Fashion Fair brand manager Corrine Jackson, Felicia Leatherwood and of course the audience.

The panellists discussed the lack of products catering to women of colour as well as some of the difficulties faced by Bianca Miller getting her business plan create a hosiery line to match all skin colours rather than just lighter skin tones off the ground despite her recent celebrity following her appearance on the In the Apprentice.

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