Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Skin care? Been there!

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I have spent most of my teenage, and early adult life scouring supermarket, and cosmetic store shelves, to find the latest and greatest innovation in skin care products, and if anything, it has left me feeling deflated, and unsatisfied.

I’ m tired of wasting money on skin care products that don’t work, or have long term benefits! (Can I get an Amen?!) I am especially tired of having to deal with ‘skin problems;’ as vain as it sounds I want flawless skin, that’s radiant, and healthy, and ‘yes’ I’m aware that there is no miracle solution; but just as luck would have it, I recently stumbled upon a free Clinique skin care sachet in a magazine, and needless to say I loved it. So I decided to check out the concession in my local department store.

Armed with sachet in hand I spoke to one of the ladies on the counter, and discussed with her all the issues I had been having, from very dry / flaky skin, to skin that felt really tight around my cheeks, and pores around my nose area that I was unsure how to treat.
My skin was examined under what appeared to be a huge magnifying glass #cringe, and after some deliberation, I was recommended to go on the Clinique ‘3 step skin care regime’ for a dry skin complexion (Jargon I hadn’t understood initially).

This consisted of a liquid facial soap to cleanse the skin, leaving it feel fresh, comfortable and clean. The second product included a clarifying lotion to exfoliate the skin, and lastly a dramatically different moisturizing lotion to hydrate and penetrate the skin. Even though these products are quite expensive, ranging from £16.00 up to £30.00 per item, I have noticed immediate results myself. Most Clinique skin care products come in different sizes so they vary in price, this may be something to consider for a first time purchase. Most Clinique counters offer a money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the initial ‘3-step skin care’ purchase, so be sure to ask next time you’re in your local store. Clinique also offers a huge range of items, so customers are able to find products that cater for their very own skin needs.

I have also found that the products are highly concentrated, and using a little really does go a long way, so there’s no chance of running out any time soon.

Signing up with Clinique is very much like having a membership for life, your ‘membership’ will include invitations to try on, and pick up exclusive samples in-store, as well as receiving vouchers. Someone will always be on hand to help you make adjustments to your skin care regime, and I have noticed significant improvements, so I have also made additional Clinique skin care purchases, and I have a feeling I won’t be stopping there....