Sunday, 23 August 2015

Love Fragrance By Desigual

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This week I have had the pleasure of reviewing a fragrance by Desigual called ‘Love’.

The bottle has circles that are pink and purple, very retro. It is a women’s fragrance that is both floral and fruity. The scent is truly wonderful; it has a light citrus scent that is accompanied by sandalwood and bright teak. I also detect other fruits like blueberry, blackcurrant, orange and grapefruit. These all blend so well together that the finished scent is not at all overpowering and hits your senses in just the right way.

All ladies will soon be spraying on a little ‘Love’ before they leave the house and I am sure that any man (excuse the pun) would love to smell it on them. While I was wearing ‘Love’ this week I was actually stopped on the street a few times by people wanting to know what I was wearing and where they could purchase it.

It has been a confusing week for me thanks to this new fragrance. Most people I have walked past have been smiling at me and giving me loving glances. I was unsure whether it was because I have a winning personality and beautiful eyes or was it just because I smelt so good. After speaking to a close friend she confirmed that it was only because of the wonderful aroma around me and they actually had no interest in me at all.

I honestly do feel the love when I wear it. It is always nice when you get complements on how nice you smell, and with ‘Love’ by Desigual you will not be short of them. You only need to spray on a little and you too can smell amazing. You can buy this fragrance online at The Fragrance Shop and