Sunday, 08 November 2015

Does Using GoldCrush Help Your Hair To Grow?

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I have always had a problem with my hair growth.

I say that but the hairs on my legs never seem to stop growing. The problem that I have is with the hair on my head. It only seems to grow to a certain length. It never grows past my shoulders; it just sits on the top of them. All through my childhood right through to my adult life I have wished and even prayed for longer hair, just like all my friends.

When I was gifted with some GoldCrush hair capsules I wondered if my prayers or my birthday wish had finally come true. GoldCrush contains vitamins A, C, Selenium and Zinc and Biotin. These ingredients are not only beneficial to your hair but your nails too. I started taking two capsules with water and a meal, I did this for two months before I started to see the results.

I noticed that my nails were stronger and had lengthened so there would be no more gel nails for me. Most importantly my hair length was now past my shoulders, I was over the moon. My wish had finally come true thanks to GoldCrush. It was not only the length that I noticed, my hair was silkier and had what I would call a glossy glow.

A month’s supply costs just less than twenty pounds and is available at Do not use GoldCrush is you are pregnant, planning a pregnancy, lactating or breast-feeding. If you are having laser hair removal and use GoldCrush this can cause the hair to grow back.

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