Thursday, 03 December 2015


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Remescar is said to not only treat stretch marks but to also prevent them.

It has the same professional ingredients that doctor’s use and is clinically proven to work. It is an innovative silicone based cream, which corrects and improves all types of stretch marks. Stretch marks can be caused by pregnancy, puberty, weight gain or even weight loss.

When I was gifted with some Remescar silicone stretch mark cream (100ml), I was eager to give it a try as it says on the box that after just 28 days you can see a 50% decrease in the severity of your stretch marks. A 100ml box costs you just under 25 pounds to buy.

As I am now 32 and have had 3 children I have unfortunately got stretch marks. Like most women even though we are told to love our flaws and war scars as some women call them, I hate the way they make me look and feel about myself. I have tried other stretch mark creams and oils in the past but they have not yet worked on my body.

I have been using Remescar for just over a month, twice a day and I am extremely happy with the results so far. I have noticed a huge difference in the appearance of my stretch marks. The colour of them has faded and they are less aggressive looking and pronounced. You can even use Remescar when you are breastfeeding. So to all of you out there that has to cover a part of your body because of stretch marks go and try Remescar, I am sure that you will not be disappointed.

Remescar is available to buy at Boots stores and