Thursday, 10 December 2015

Sparkle with glitter this Christmas using Mac Cosmetics

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Dress up your look over the Christmas period by adding some sparkle with cosmetic glitter, lip glosses and nail polish.

It's fun, pretty and definitely festive. Whether it's for your works Christmas party, a girls night out or for the main day itself you'll shine like a goddess with my favourite Mac products and top tips.


Tools: flat eye brush, crease brush, blending brush

1. Full eye glitter look

Achieve a full eye glitter look by simply applying Mac mixing medium eyeliner £13 to the whole eye area that you wish to apply the glitter too. Dab on the Mac glitter £16 with your flat eye makeup brush and let dry. If you're worried about glitter fallout onto the face why not mix the glitter gel and loose glitter on the back of your hand or a palette and apply the wet mixture to the eye and allow to dry.

2. shimmering shadow glitter eye look

Choose your colour tone/s and choice of eyeshadow from Mac’s range of eyeshadows. Using a mixture of your flat eye makeup brush, crease brush and blending brush apply the shadow/s to your desire. Next take Mac’s reflects glitter £16 again in your choice of colour. The reflects glitter is very fine and isn't recommended for the full eye glitter look. Taking your fluffy brush gently apply the reflects glitter over the eyeshadow. Depending on your colour choice of reflects glitter the eyes will now show a shimmer wash of that colour over your base shadow. For example, a base colour of dark grey with reflects glitter in gold would create a dark grey eye with a shimmery gold effect.

Another technique is to add Mac Fix+ £15 on top of the finished eye and blend with your blending brush. Watch as the eye makeup changes again into a different but equally stunning shimmering look.


Give those luscious lips a sparkle by using Mac Dazzleglass Lip gloss £17.50 alone or by laying over your lipstick for a more dramatic effect. The Dazzleglass is full of pearl particles giving light crystal shining effects on the lips.


Chose your choice of colour from Mac’s Studio Nail Lacquer £10 and polish your nails like normal. Then choose your choice of colour from Mac’s Liquid Pigment Top coat also £10 and apply on top of your existing polish. The top coats work by illuminating and highlighting the nail colour base making your nails look like they are glowing from within.

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