Tuesday, 05 January 2016

New Year, New Hairstyle

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New Year, new haircut. For many, a brand new year is the perfect time to update your look, whether that be your work wardrobe, your hair colour or hair style.

It’s fair to say that 2015 was definitely the year of the chop, with celebrities such as Beyonce, Melanie C, Khloe Kardashian and Scarlet Johanson all displaying perfected choppy bobs. So what are the hot hairstyles for 2016? We have listed some of the best looks out there…

Short hair is still the look to have these days.

Everywhere you look the classic bob haircut is having a moment with more and more women opting for a style which is easy to maintain. Jennifer Lopez will hit our screens in new NBC drama ‘Shades of Blue’ on January 7th, along with a more androgynous look, complete with oversized trousers suits and a scruffy, short hair style. Follow JLo’s lead and use a little mouse in your hair to create that undone yet polished look or add a fringe to your do, a la Taylor Swift.

Its true short hair doesn’t suit everyone. For example if you have a round or heart shaped face, then perhaps this isn’t the right style for you. But if you have a longer, oval face then go for the chop and try a new, shorter style even if it sounds a bit daunting at first. Ferne Cotton and Alexa Chung have rocked this look for years with their classically messy locks, yet you can add a little something for 2016 and try a dip dyed look with an ash blonde on your tips and a darker shade on your roots.

However, if you can’t bear to cut your shining long locks then don’t worry, there are plenty more ways you can be creative with your hair. Try an ultra sleek ponytail, wrapping a strand of hair around your hair band for an uplifting look or ditch the straighteners and grab your curling tongs to gently curl the ends for a more groomed look. If you usually favour a pretty French braid, why not test out the Dutch braid which will sure to get a reaction from friends. Whatever you decide for 2016, make your hair a stand out feature.