Saturday, 13 February 2016

Repcillin Crocodile Oil Balm

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Repcillin Crocodile Oil Balm is said to help people who suffer with eczema, acne, razor burn, bumps, bed sores, nappy rash, itchy scalp, psoriasis, sunburn, blisters and insect bites.

These conditions are just a few that Repcillin can treat.

I wanted to put Repcillin to the test but as I fortunately do not have any of these skin conditions I gave the Repcillin to my friend Kirsty to try out. Kirsty has always suffered from eczema for as long as she can remember and the problem area is on her hands. When her eczema flares up on her hands it is flaky, sore, dry and itchy all over the hands and in-between each finger. It flares up more during the summer time. Even when she washes up and uses hypodermic gloves she finds it hard to get the job done without itching and scratching. It is an absolute nightmare to do even the simplest of chores around the house.

As using your hands in life is vital Kirsty needed to stop the symptoms that her eczema causes. After using the oil balm twice a day for three days Kirsty started to notice the difference. Unlike other creams used to treat this condition it is free from any harsh chemicals and is suitable for all skin types. It is even safe to use on newborn babies. The healing benefits of the Crocodile oil helps to keep your skin healthy.

Even though Kristy’s skin has improved while she has been using Repcillin she still has a flare up every now and again. If you would like to give it a try then buy yours at Along with the Repcillin Crocodile Oil Balm, which costs sixty pounds, but it worth every penny Kirsty also uses Erica’s hand cream with Crocodile Oil, Organic Lavender and Rosemary that costs twelve pounds. Together they keep her hands smooth and they stop the itching.