Saturday, 05 March 2016

Prismologie For People That Crave Luxury/A Good Life

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Prismologie is now one of my favorite luxury products.

It is a Modern Luxe body care range that has been created to inspire you to live your life colourfully and enhance your mood. Prismologie products are made from rare ingredients sourced from around the world and have the most exquisite fragrances. A blend of gemstone crystals are incorporated in the ingredients, this goes back to the term ‘Prismology’ which comes from the world of healing.

Prismologie have six core ranges:

White Beginning - for clarity
Yellow Day - for confidence
Red Hour - for vigour
Green Epoch - for serenity
Pink O’clock - for comfort

Indigo Interlude - for stillnessAs most of you are aware colour can enhance your moods. Prismologie is designed to almost lead your mood in the right direction depending on how you would like to feel. I chose to review Clarity as to me clarity is the key to enjoying life. After using both the shower gel and the body cream I must admit I felt as if I had clarity. Was it just a placebo that made me feel this way? I was unsure but felt great.

The shower gel foamed well, made my skin smooth, and smelt wonderful. The body wash was made from diamond micro-crystals and Mongongo seed oil to cleanse and protect. It left my skin feeling soft and loved. Using the body lotion only added to what I was already feeing if this was even possible? My skin had never felt to good. The body lotion also contained diamond micro-crystals and the scent of Neroli to help soothe, protect and moisturise the skin.

Prismologie is the type of product you do not leave in the bathroom for fear of others using it. Using the products made a difference to my entire day, my mood was fantastic. Their sensory supporting and enhancing properties work.

Try Prismologie at prices range from £30-£65