Monday, 07 March 2016

iWhite2 Instant Teeth Whitening Kit

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After many years of abusing my pearly whites by drinking tea, coffee and red wine and not to mention eating curries my teeth have not surprisingly become a little stained. Apart from using home remedies I have not used other teeth whitening products, this was my first.

Going to your dentist or elsewhere to get your teeth whitened can end up being very expensive and parting from a huge sum of money is not something that I wanted to do. iWhite2 Instant kit
only costs £34.95. This is an amount that I would be willing to part with. The kit is easy to use and you can do it in the comfort of your own home.

The pack contains ten pre-filled trays so there is not much for you to do. There is nothing that you have to mix together yourself. You can either use the kit five days in a row or just use one when you think your teeth are in need of brightening. I chose to use mine when they were in need of brightening.

The pre-filled trays are designed to fit everyone’s teeth, they fit mine perfectly but as everybody has a different shaped mouth I do not think they would fit everybody. To use you need to brush your teeth and then place a tray on your upper teeth and then your lower. Leave the trays in your mouth for twenty minutes and then remove.

Once out rinse your mouth with water. I was impressed when I saw how white my teeth had gone and the trays did not harm my usually sensitive teeth. As this product claims to not only whiten teeth but also strengthen as they contain calcium you are getting your moneys worth when purchasing a kit. Even though I can not honestly tell you if they have been strengthened they are definitely not any weaker and they are whiter.

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