Sunday, 03 April 2016

Secret Diva Lashes

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After watching Selena Gomez perform or being interviewed for the 100th time on television there was no getting away from those long and luscious lashes.

What I didn’t know was if they were real or false but what I did know was that I wanted them. Surely it is not only the celebs that are allowed to have long lashes? I decided I that I deserve long lashes even though I didn’t have celebrity status.

I started frantically searching for some lashes to give me that extra length, after typing luscious lashes into the search bar I came across Secret Diva Lashes. I was even lucky enough to be sent there ‘Luscious’, ‘Devilish’ and ‘Vintage’ lashes. The ‘Luscious’ lashes are made from real human hair and made of the finest quality. The ‘Vintage’ lashes were inspired by the one and only Marilyn Monroe and who doesn’t want to be a bit more like Marilyn? When I wore these I felt like my inner diva had been released. Last but not least the ‘Devilish’ lashes are said to unleash your inner sexy devil and to make heads turn and get people talking.

Each box contains glue and instructions on how to apply the lashes. I love my Secret Diva Lashes and a few celebrity fans are Megan Mckenna from Celebrity Big Brother 2016, Charlotte Crosby and Marnie Simpson from Geordie Shore and Bianca Gascoigne. When I see Selena Gomez on the television now I flutter my eyelashes straight back at her. Each pair of eyelashes is £5 from