Sunday, 19 June 2016

SensatioNail: Polish To Gel

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This week I was gifted with SensatioNail Polish to Gel and was excited to try it out, it retails at £49.99.

As I am always getting my gel polish done at the nail salon I thought this was a great way to save time and money. The reason that I love gel polish so much is that it strengthens your nails and helps them to overcome any damage that has occurred to them in the past, from biting or having acrylics and taking them off using the incorrect technique.

After using this product, I was more than happy with the results. Not only could I have my gels nails done at any time of the day, maybe even when the kids were in bed, but also they looked so good. They had the perfect amount of shine to them and I could not wait to show them off to my friends. I might even offer to do theirs if they are extra nice to me.

The application process is simple and all you need to do is follow the instructions. The only problem that I had with the product was that it did take me at least 60 seconds for my nails to dry each time. Even so it was still much quicker than any other products I have tried. The best thing about the product is that you can use any nail polish you already have at home and turn it into a gel polish.

I have been at the nail salon a few times and wished that they had my favourite colour polish in a gel and now I have it at home.
The starter kits comes with:
• Led lamp
• USB and mains adapter
• Gel cleanser
• Gel primer
• Polish to gel
• Mixing pot
• Manicure stick
• Buffer
• Wipes

If you love salon looking nails but do not have much time then SensatioNail Polish to Gel is the product for you.