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5 Best Hairstyle for Medium Hair

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Don’t you just love styling your hair?

By now you’ve probably tried every sort of haircut imaginable — or, so you thought! There must be a million ways to style hair but then there are just more flattering cuts for your medium length main.

Give your hair character and personality that makes you not just standout but also convey your individuality and moods. Here are 5 of the best ideas to style up your medium-length hair:

1. Bang, bang beauty. Have your hair layered. If you don’t like the inevitable tail that comes with it, ask your stylist to just layer your hair on the sides and keep the back straight. Then, get ready to get some serious bangs! Keep your bangs long enough to reach the underside of your eyebrows if you can’t take hair pinching on your eyes all the time.

Now, hair color is also such a big thing that it helps make your overall hairstyle morph from good to great. If you have pale skin, use darker shades of brown, deep red or bright burgundy to show off your hairstyle. Highlights will make your hair more stunning.

2. The loved bob. If you have naturally healthy hair, it won’t be surprising if your all-time go-to hairstyle is a shoulder-length bob. There are many ways for you to get a flattering bob. One is to keep everything of the same length. A quick variation is to ask your stylist to cut the back a little bit shorter than the front part of your hair. Since you have naturally healthy hair, you should just keep your hair in its natural color too to keep the healthy color and shine.

3. Wavy side shag. Give your otherwise flat crown additional volume for that added flair and glam. Ask your stylist to give your hair a nice body. It should leave you with several strands falling on the sides and front part of your hair that practically gives your face a nice frame. Ask your stylist how you can blow-dry your hair so that you get that extra volume when you style it. You’re looking for that extra body and bounce. If you prefer, you can also ask your stylist to give you long, side bangs.

To make this hairstyle even more attractive and elegant looking, you have to brighten up your face with darker toned hair color if you have fair skin, and with a lighter toned hair color if you have darker skin. Create an illusion of added volume simply by getting your strands some highlights.

4. Side waves. Another super easy and no sweat way to give your locks an added touch of flair and give your crown more volume is by getting the front sides of your hair large, wavy curls. You can achieve this at the salon by getting a permanent curl or, you can simply use either your large barrel curling iron or your hair straightener to get this done. Curl, heat, release. Hold the style with a styling spray as you loosen up your wavy strands with your fingers.

5. Vintage side curls. This is one hairstyle that can only be achieved with medium hair. Drastically side part your hair, leaving one side obviously thicker than the other. Start giving your locks those fine, zigzag waves. When you’re done, hold the thinner side with a large clip as you let the thicker side fall to your face.


Don’t be clueless about how you can style your hair. You can’t possibly achieve your fashionable status and good looks without it.


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