Monday, 12 December 2016

5 Reasons to Start Blow Drying Natural Hair

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Blow drying hair often gets a bad rap as it can have negative effects on your hair.

However, for long, thick, and curly hair types, blow drying your natural hair can be quite beneficial. There are many reasons to make the change to blow drying your natural hair, and some of these are explored below.

Top 5 reasons

Get rid of knots much easier. Blow drying your natural hair helps to minimise single knot strands from tangling up and messing up your hair. The heat from the blow dryers helps to combat those stubborn tangles and get your hair looking and feeling smoother.

Breakage free maintenance thanks to the lessened tangles. You will still need to be careful with managing your hair and gentle with it, but overall, the less tangles means less breakages. Your hair will be fragile when dried with a blow dryer, but it will also be easier to wear in different styles.

More hair styling options as your hair will be stretched and versatile. This means you can experiment with new looks and not have to worry about hair shrinkage. Blow drying your natural hair means you can go from hiding your locks away in a bun to wearing them a long pony tail.

Reduces split ends and the appearance of them. Blow drying your natural hair actually promotes healthy hair growth and volume. It also helps to keep split ends away from your hair strands, in the same way that is reduces tangles.

Stretch out the kinks and make your hair look longer. When you blow dry your natural hair, you essentially use the heat to stretch out any kinks and waves in your hair. This means that your hair becomes longer in a natural way.

Best blow dryers to use on your natural hair

When blow drying your natural hair, you really want to use a professional appliance. For instance, cheap blow dryers with comb attachments tend to overheat quickly and get too hot too fast. What’s more, they don’t cool down straight away which is a warning sign the product is not quality. All of these factors increase your chances of heat damage to your hair.

Professional appliances, such as the Chi Deep Brilliance Low EMF Hair Dryer is a much better choice. There are many available online and in stores similar to this brand. These type of hair dryers have strong comb attachments that do not break easily, or melt with the heat. These guide through your hair easily and smoothly, without causing excessive breakage.

When choosing a professional blow dryer, you want to look for ones that have heat controls. These will minimise any potential heat damage. By controlling the temperature settings, you can control how much heat your hair is exposed to.

How to blow dry your natural hair

There are certain steps that you should take when blow drying your natural hair. All of these will help prevent breakage, moisture loss, and heat damage along the way. If you blow dry your natural hair correctly, you will experience better results and more beautiful hair.

- Wash and deep condition your hair just before you want to blow dry it. You shouldn’t blow dry your hair more than a day after it has been washed and conditioned. Never blow dry dirty hair either.
- Detangle your hair using your fingers, a comb, or a brush thoroughly. This will make the blow drying process much more effective.
- Make sure your hair is dried a bit before blow drying. For the best type of dry without frizz, use a microfibre towel. There is no need to rub your hair dry, just let the towel soak up the majority of the moisture.
- Use some oil to protect your hair from the heat. A bit of coconut oil is ideal, however don’t use too much as it can become heat resistance and damage your hair even more.
- Blow dry your hair in sections. This way you can deal with the tangles more efficiently and ensure you don’t miss any of them.
- Just use a medium heat. If the heat setting is too high, it will cause heat damage. A low or medium heat will take a little longer but is well worth it.
- Leave a hint of moisture in your hair rather than blow drying it to the bone. A little bit of moisture left from the coconut oil and water will help protect your hair and keep it feeling fresh.
- Once you’re finish, blast a bit of cold air over your hair. This will close the cuticle layer on your hair and reduce frizz as well. This final step will also boost the shine and volume to your hair, making you ready for you day.


Next time you are reconsidering your hair beauty regime, think about changing to blow drying your natural hair. You will find that you hair becomes much more manageable and easy to maintain. You won’t need to worry about tangles and breakages as much as you may think. Blow drying your natural has many benefits and is worth giving a go to see how it works for your hair type.