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Interview With Ashley Roberts

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Fashions Finest blogger Lee-Ann Weise catches up with Ashley Roberts after the launch of her footwear collecton for ALLYN and here is what she told us.

1. What was the inspiration behind your shoe collection?

I have always been passionate about footwear and wanted to create something that I own, from start to finish. The idea was always for ALLYN to stand out and empower women; and I think I have achieved that to a great extent. My inspiration came from my love for fashion and shoes in particular, combined with my family’s musical background. I wanted to create a footwear brand so that all women can kick ass in their shoes.

2. What does a good shoe mean to you?

A top quality accessory that complements your outfit – the design is one thing but the material is just as important. I would also say it needs to be eye catching; I’d like to think that each style in ALLYN makes its own unique statement.

3. How did you find the creative process?

Exhilarating! Yes, it was exhausting making sure I was aware of every step of the creative process, but I learnt a lot and loved every minute of it. This was a very personal journey, ALLYN has been in the making in my mind for much longer than the actual production line suggested; but I wanted it to be perfect, so I had to find the right team and now I am so proud of the end result!

4. What is the hardest part of designing a shoe collection?

Covering all bases, that’s for sure! You start off thinking that you can create what you have in your head and turn that into a real shoe. The reality involves endless drawings, discussions, re-evaluation of your original idea without compromising what you want it to achieve. I am a countryside girl with deeply rooted musical influences and at the same time trendy. How do you combine all these in a shoe? That was the challenge I was up against with ALLYN, but I think a clever way of combining all these was also naming each design after a music icon, such as Liv, Prince and Cindy.

5. How would you describe your personal style?

I don’t have a certain style I always adhere to, which is reflected in the range of designs in ALLYN. I can wear leopard print boots with a short dress or jeans with open toe heels and socks! It all depends on the occasion and the way I feel on the particular day; my rule of thumb though is to always feel comfortable and at ease with my outfit.

6. If you had to wear one style of shoe for the rest of your life what would it be?

This is a great question! Oh wow…. I think it would be an ankle boot. It’s a style volatile enough to see you from morning meetings through to evening cocktails. Liv from ALLYN is such an example, and I am currently working on expanding the style in more colours and materials for the next collection.

7. What is your favourite style from your collection and why?

I couldn’t possibly choose but I have a soft spot for Cindy only because you can wear it with anything and it attracts great compliments!

8. If you could raid any celebs’ shoe closet who would it be and why?

Does it have to be a celebrity? Some of my girlfriends have amazing pairs that I totally envy!

9. With Fashion Week coming up, what shoes from the collection would you recommend for Fashions Finest Fashionistas to make them stand out?

Wear Christy (in white) to add inconspicuous grace to an outfit. Pair Claudia with short dresses and Stephanie with ethereal skirts. Drew looks fab with jeans and Prince really suits long black trousers and jumpsuits.

Ashley is currently adding the finishing touches to ALLYN AW18 collection. ALLYN is available exclusively from

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