Thursday, 02 March 2017

Step-By-Step Flat Ironing Guide To Achieve A Wavy Look With Natural Hair

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While straight and silky hair is perfect for going out to an elegant event, a wavy look is sometimes the more appropriate style when going to a more casual event.

Since styling is an essential part of a woman’s daily beauty routine, choosing the best style for the day can sometimes take quite a while. This often also includes a period of experimenting. If you are in a hurry and are looking for something modern and casual, then a wavy look can be perfect. Even if you’ve never tried this look before, it could the perfect asset to today’s style. If you want to achieve the perfect wavy look, then you should first ensure that you have the best flat iron for natural hair ready to use.

Step 1: Get Ready

The first step is to get ready. You need to consider some initial steps that should be taken before you use a flat iron to create a wavy hairstyle. It is reported that, in order to achieve a wavy look, hair should not be washed immediately before styling. This type of hairstyle relies on the natural oils that are produced by your hair. Wash your hair one day before the day you want to achieve this look and make sure you do a proper blow-dry after you have washed your hair.

Other factors that should be considered before and during your styling regimen:

• In order to achieve the perfect wavy look with a flat iron, your hair should be shoulder length or longer.
• Avoid using the flat iron on your hair (after your last wash) prior to performing this technique as it would cause the waves to go away faster.
• Before you use your flat iron’s heated plates to style your hair, try practicing while it is turned off. This will help you get the hang of how you are going to style your hair in a wavy look without burning your hair.
• For the perfect wavy hairstyle, you should have a flat iron that has a temperature option between 360 and 380 degrees.
• Never use a flat iron on wet hair as this will burn your hair.
• Apply a high-quality heat protector to your hair while you are styling in order to avoid damage.

Step 2: Sectioning

When you are ready to start styling your hair, you should first section your hair. You can section your hair in a way that you are comfortable with. Shorter hair can be sectioned by simply clipping the top part together and separating the bottom part from the top, but longer hair may require three to four sections. You should try to work from the bottom upwards as this is usually the most comfortable way to work with a flat iron when sectioning hair.

Step 3: The Wavy Look

It is now time to get that wavy look by using the best flat iron for natural hair. Using your flat iron, take a small section of hair. Bend the hair away from your head using the flat iron. A Beautiful Mess explains that, while going all to way to the end of your hair strands is usually the preferred method, you can get a better wavy look by not taking the flat iron to the end of your hair. Instead of finishing the curl, stop when you reach around three-quarters the length of your hair strand. This will create a wavy look without making it too curly. Do not make all the curls go in one direction, but rather go in opposite directions in order to create a better wavy look. This will not only give you a more “beachy” look, but will also add more body and movement.

Step 4: The Finishing Touch

You have successfully created a wavy, “beachy” look, but, before you head out, why not add a finishing touch. You have a couple of choices when it comes to adding a finishing touch to your wavy look. Elsa McAlonan explains that, in order to achieve a firm hold and to make sure your curls are going to stay the entire day, you should lightly mist your hair with your favorite hairspray. On the other hand, if you want to have a looser look in your hair, you should not use a hairspray, but rather just use your fingers to slightly tousle your curls. The second option is perfect if you do not want an extreme curly look, but simply a little wavy look – and it will still last throughout the day.

A flat iron can be used for many different styles. Many people think that it is only a tool used to achieve a straight look, but others have discovered that by using a little creativity, a variety of looks are possible. The “beachy” wave look is one of those that can be easily achieved by using the best flat iron for natural hair and following these simple steps.

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