Monday, 20 March 2017

How To Create A Unique Look In Summer With Nude Colour Palettes

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With summer close by, it is no wonder we are already spending our time, looking for unique looks to try.

This year, nude colour palettes are back in style, and you can use them, to impress everyone with your makeup. The greatest thing about a nude colour palette is that it allows you to play with so many shades at once, thus achieving a truly beautiful appearance. The multitude of nude colors included in one single palette will appeal to you, testing your ingenuity and flair at the same time.

1 Elegance

If you are going for an elegant look, then this makeup idea is perfect for you. Select a natural brown eye shadow from your nude color palette and apply it on the eyelids, after the much-needed primer. Use a little bit of colour on your cheeks, nothing too visible and finish your look with a berry-colored lipstick. If you have a problem complexion, apply a combination of foundation and concealer first. This is one of the best ways to stop wondering how to get rid of acne, as you will cover it with makeup. When you have the time, you can go ahead and give acne treatments a try as well.

2 Sparkle

For those of you who like to sparkle, the glittery nude eyeshadow is an excellent choice. You can choose a combination of colors that matches your skin tone, playing with the different shades from your palette, as you feel like it. Apply black mascara to your eyelashes for a beautiful contrast and a bronze blush, for a subtle contour on your cheeks. Finish your unique look with a nude lipstick, preferably one that is rosy and glossy at the same time, so that you do not draw too much attention from your eyes.

3 Intense

It is often believed that nude colours are rather dull, leading to a makeup which is not even perceived. However, if you know how to play with the various colours on your palette, you can create a beautiful contrast and a genuinely intense look. Begin by applying at least three different shades of nude on your eyelids, going from the least intense on the brow bone to the most intense at the base of the eyelid. Then, for a little bit more contrast, contour your eyes with a creamy dark pencil. This will also help you to hide the facial wrinkles in the area (if you want better coverage, apply primer or concealer first). Complete your look with a delicate blush and a pink-coloured lipstick, for a playful touch.

4 Light

If you have always been drawn to natural makeup ideas, you have chosen nude colours for all the right reasons. To create a look that is as natural as possible, go for the lighter shades on the palette. Do not use more than two shades on your eyelids, as you do not want to create too much contrast. Rather, you should seek out to create a blend between these two nuances, maintaining that light appearance you wanted to obtain in the first place. Skip the mascara and use an eyelash curler instead. Finish your look with a bright pink lipstick, applying a little bit of gloss on the center of the lips.

5 Half and Half

For a lot of women, the purpose of makeup is to draw attention to their beautiful eyes. If you are going for a unique look this summer, you should consider these makeup ideas, which is based on the application of nude colors as well. The first thing that you want to do is apply your regular foundation so that you smooth out minor imperfections. Then, use your nude color palette and apply one single color, not very intense, on the eyelids. For the next step, apply the lightest nude color on your palette in the inner corners of the eyes (brightening effect, makes the eyes look bigger). Reserve the darkest shade for the outer corners and complete your look with dark mascara. Apply a rose-colored lipstick, and you are all done.

6 Unique

Speaking of natural looks, you have to give this makeup idea a try. Take your nude color palette and choose a shade that is moderately intense, or even not that visible. Apply only this colour on your eyelids and use both an eyelash curler and mascara, to create the perfect contrast and draw attention to your eyes. Complete your look with the application of rose-colored blush on your cheeks. If you want to call attention to your lips as well, apply a nude-colored gloss, enjoying the final look.

7 Smokey Eyes

There is a common misconception that the smokey eye makeup is created, using only shades of black and gray. However, when it comes to makeup, you should never limit yourself to already-existent ideas and always try to come up with new solutions. The good news is that you can use your nude color palette, to create the perfect smokey eye makeup. You can play with the nude tones until you find the ideal combination for your eyes. For an even more intense look, apply blush (any colour you desire) and a nude-colored lipstick.

8 Golden Eye

No, we are not talking about the famous movie but rather about a unique color, which you should try. This makeup idea is especially recommended for redheads, as it creates a beautiful contrast and it draws attention to the eyes. Use different nude colors on your eyelids, to create the perfect golden appearance. Skip over the blush or apply one that is not too obvious. Complete your look with a golden lipstick, taking delight in your appearance.


These are a couple of looks to try this summer, using your nude colour palette. When it comes to makeup, there are two things that you have to remember. First, you should always purchase products of top quality, to protect your skin and look beautiful at the same time. Second, you should never stick to existent ideas but rather put your creativity to good use and come up with your unique combinations.


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