Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Beauty Guide: living your best skincare life

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When it comes to skincare routines, it can be a little hard to decide on the best routine to undertake as we’re daily fed with so many different ‘tips and tricks’ to getting the best skin.

Well we have put together some ideas and the best bits of an in-depth skincare routine, to show you which steps are the most important and will benefit your skin the most. Follow these tips and you’ll be glowing in no time.

1. Drink water like you’ve become part fish overnight! #MermaidGoals

Firstly, you’ve heard it before...drink lots of water. It’s skincare 101 that if you are dehydrated, your skin will show the effects straight away. Denying your body of water can cause your skin cells (and other organs) to stop functioning properly. Water rids your body of toxins, increases radiance, plumps skin cells and reduces breakouts of acne, so bottoms up girls...and this only works with water, so put the fizz down.

2. Master cleanse, skincare style

No, a makeup wipe will not cut it. We mean really cleanse and use 4 cotton pads if you need to. If you’re wiping and there’s still grime on that pad...just keep on going. It’s essential to make sure your skin is mega-clean – especially if you’re living in a city were just walking round the city centre leaves your skin clogged with who knows what. This Micellaire Lotion from Embryolisse [250ml £15.99 at www.boots.com] should do the trick.

3. Exfoliate...more than once a week!

This step is 100% important if you have dry, normal or combination skin. Once a week is not enough, as your skin loses almost a million skin cells every hour, so two to three times a week is more like it. However, over-exfoliating can lead to irritation so cap it at this and if you have sensitive skin, once a week is perfect. Opt for a gentle exfoliant, such as Transformulas Daily Glycol Priming Cleanser [100ml £19.95 at www.transformulas.com].

4. Tone it up, your skin will thank you

Once you’ve cleansed your skin, it’s imperative that you close those pores up to stop dirt getting back in and causing spots. This is a key step in your routine and cleansing without toning is pointless, so invest in a good one. This Lustre Lotion from Skin D-luxe [210ml £10.00 at www.fakebakebeauty.co.uk] is great. You can thank me later.

Use a serum even if you don’t know what serums actually do. Not everyone knows what a serum is and what makes them different to moisturiser, but this doesn’t mean you can skip this step and hope for the best. Serums and moisturisers benefit your skin in different ways and are definitely not the same. Serums are thinner in consistency, but contain a higher concentrate of active-ingredients to address very specific skin concerns, whilst moisturisers are thick and hydrate the skin to stop water loss. The Jojoba Company Absolute Serum [30ml £45.95 at www.lookfantastic.com] is a potent age defying serum, clinically proven to increase firmness and decrease frown lines....perfect.

5. Eye-cream is the answer that those bags are looking for

The skin beneath your eyes is the most delicate and sensitive on our face, which means it needs a little extra love in your skincare routine. It thins out even more as you age and as our skin stops naturally producing collagen from the age of 25, we need all the help we can get. Opt for this Marine Miracle Eyezone from Transformulas [10ml £41.95 at www.transformulas.com] to plump and reduce eye-bags.

6. Moisturising Matters

We shouldn’t need to remind you of this one, but we can bet our bottom dollar that a lot of women don’t moisturise every day. Benefits of moisturising include protecting the skin, improving skin tone and texture, hydration and masking imperfections...so the big question is, why wouldn’t you moisturise daily? We can’t get enough of the Embryolisse Lait-Créme Concentré [30ml £13.00 at www.boots.com].

7. Don’t Forget Your Lips

Make sure you don’t stop at your skin, lips need TLC too! Lip balm is a godsend and you can never apply too much. If you have left over balm on your fingers, you can massage it into your cuticles to nourish them too. Two birds and all that...

We’re loving the Lord & Berry Active Spa Moisture Lip Balm Stick SPF15 [£14.00 at www.lordandberry.com].