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Vanish Facial Wrinkles With These 6 Face Masks

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Skin is among the body features that contribute a lot to the general beauty of a person.

Wrinkles are skin conditions characterized by the loosening of the skin resulting in the formation of contours and fine lines on the surface of the skin. The loosening often results from aging or destruction of collagen, the substance responsible for the skin elasticity. This is causing a lot of struggles among the victims which comprise most people who are approaching old age. Below are the facial masks that can help you in erasing the wrinkles off your face;

1. Milk-egg Mask

This is a mask obtained from egg white and milk cream. Combine egg white from one egg and a tablespoon of milk cream and form a paste out of it. Apply this paste on your face then leave it for 20 minutes before rinsing off. This mask is great in tightening the skin hence reducing the wrinkles resulting from loosening. According to Dr. David E. Bank, director of the center of dermatology, maximum effectiveness of milk is not derived from applying it physically on your skin but through drinking. It is true among the homemade face masks that give the skin a tightening effect.

2. Avocado- Banana Mask

As the name suggests, this mask is obtained from a combination of bananas and avocado. Banana is packed with minerals and antioxidants which work effectively against the wrinkles and fine lines. On the other hand, Avocado is rich in vitamin B, C, and E, which are responsible for nourishing the skin cells and production of collagen, the substance required by the skin to get rid of wrinkles. Make a paste of one banana and half a medium size avocado. Apply this paste on your face concentrating on the affected areas. Leave it for about 25 minutes then rinse it off using warm water. Honey can also be added to the paste.

3. Honey-Ginger Mask

This mask is suitable for getting rid of the wrinkles under the eyes since it doesn’t cause irritation on the eyes. Most premature wrinkles affect the under eye area. Honey is a humectant that moisturizes the skin hence, keeping it hydrated. Ginger enhances the flow of blood around the eye which ensures efficient distribution of oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells. This, in turn, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Grind ginger until you obtain a smooth paste then combine it with a tablespoon of organic honey. Massage your under eye or the affected area with the resultant mixture. Leave it for about 30 minutes then rinse it off. Apply this mask regularly to reduce the chances of wrinkling.
4. Cinnamon-nutmeg mask

Prepare cinnamon and nutmeg flour then add honey to make a paste from it. According to Dr. Doris Day, a dermatologist in New York City cinnamon is irritating. She, therefore, recommends testing on some part of your skin before applying it on your face. Dr. Bank confirms the exfoliating properties of nutmeg which makes it great for opening the pores. He says this is may not be as effective in reducing wrinkles but may be for the future health of the skin.

5. Anti-acne Face Mask

Home remedies for acne is obtained from a combination of apple cidar vinegar and bonito clay. To prepare the mask, form a paste from a tablespoon of each substance. Dr. Bank says clay masks assist in overcoming acne. Acne is among the skin issues that can make your facial wrinkles more pronounced. The absence of facial wrinkles gives you a younger look which in turn hides the effect of wrinkles.

6. Strawberry Mask

Most fruits are well known for their effectiveness in enhancing the skin beauty and strawberry is not exceptional in this role. It is rich in alpha hydroxyl acids which prevent damage to the skin by the free radicals. It also encourages the formation of collagen necessary for the skin elasticity. Mash strawberries and mix it with honey to form a smooth paste. As mentioned earlier, honey is a great moisturizer hence, will complement the work of the strawberry. Apply this mask on you face and leave it for about 25 minutes before rinsing it off.


A young look is what most people are looking for. That is why most of them are fighting with wrinkles, a major sign of aging. The above-elaborated face masks can work effectively in getting age off your face. Consider them before any other artificial treatment. However, there are wrinkles especially those that are genuine as a result of age that cannot be removed completely. The premature wrinkles are the only ones that you can be sure to get rid of. The above masks assist in reducing their appearance on the skin.


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