Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Ways To Give Your Hair More Volume & Body

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Not everyone is born with thick, voluminous hair.

People with thick hair are still sometimes forced to fight limp and lifeless hair. There are several ways to give even the flattest hair more body. Humidity, weather, over-shampooing, impatient styling, and not using the right hair products are the most common causes of hair feeling and looking like limp wet noodles. If you want to give your hair more volume and body, try these tips.

Volumizing Shampoo

Over-cleansing and washing too frequently with a clarifying shampoo can lead to limp, flat hair. Switch to a volumizing shampoo, which helps replenish nutrients in the hair and repair follicles.

You may be using too much volumizing shampoo, which can weigh down hair. To figure out your specific shampooing needs, use a clarifying shampoo for a week and wash every other day. Switch to a volumizing shampoo after one week and wash once every other day. After the second week, you should be able to identify the difference in your hair's volume.

Crimp or Curl Your Roots

This is a secret ninja hair hack. When you use a crimper on the layers below the top section of your head, you add body to your hair without exposing any of the crimped parts. Crimping or curling this undersection gives the top section of your hair something to lay on, adding dimension and volume.

This gives the same effect as backcombing, which is a more common technique. Backcombing often appears through the top of the head at some point in the day. It can also damage the hair when used frequently. This crimping method is an easier and safer technique for adding body to flat hair.

Root Boosting Formula

Consider using a root boosting formula, a leave-in conditioner, or dry shampoo, sprayed into the undersection of the crown at the roots of your hair. These types of products will stick to the hair shafts at the base of the scalp and keep them propped upright. Depending on how you style your hair this may be the only technique you need to get the body you want.

Update Your Blowdry Technique

95% of people blowdry their hair wrong. A common problem with blowdrying is impatience. If you hurry the blowdrying process, you're not getting all the moisture out of your hair. If there's still moisture in your hair, your hair will be heavy. Moisture is sitting at the base of the hair shaft where you need the most volume. Section your hair and blowdry thoroughly. You may need a more powerful dryer if it’s taking a long time to dry your hair completely. Opt for a powerful light weight blow dryer such as the Rusk W8less or Bio Ionic Whisper light which will allow you to get all of the excess moisture out without straining your wrists.

Another blowdrying tip is to blowdry in the opposite direction of your desired style, and then flip it back over when it's dry. Changing your part every few months gives this same desired effect, forcing the base of your hair shafts to change their natural direction.

If your hair needs more body and volume, try these techniques. Give your blowdrying more attention. Try crimping or curling the under-sections of your hair. Experiment with volumizing shampoos. One of these tips will help you achieve more voluminous hair in no time.