Thursday, 20 July 2017

Skin Care Tips: Foolproof DIY Hacks For Glowing Skin

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Glow is the perfect indicator of youthful, healthy, and nourished skin.

All of us have looked for different ways to get glowing skin at some point or another. Although the lack of radiance in the skin can be frustrating, it is entirely possible to restore it. Yes, you can do it without expensive treatments and products. These foolproof DIY hacks will help you have a youthful and radiant skin once again.

1. Use A Dry Brush

The dry brush comes at an affordable price, suitable for ladies who are on the tight budget as well. This useful tool works to stimulate your skin and lymphatic system to promote overall health. At the same time, the process eliminates dead skin cells thus brightening your skin for radiant, youthful complexion. Another important benefit of the dry brush is that you can use it for your body and face.

First, wash your face and brush with gentle motions from your chin to the hairline on one side of the face, then move to the other side. Repeat the same process on your neck and cleavage and finish off by applying moisturiser. Wash the brush.

2. Steaming

Steaming is one of the easiest ways to get rid of dull complexion and get a glowing skin. Why? It opens your pores and allows you to clean all the impurities easily. These impurities can be dead skin cells, debris, makeup residue, just to name a few. The process is easy, boil 6-8 cups of water and place it in a bowl. Allow water to cool off for about 5 minutes. You should wait until the water is hot enough to produce steam, but not so hot to make you feel like your face is burning. Then, place the towel over your head and steam for 10 minutes or until water is cool i.e. doesn’t produce steam any longer.

3. Tomato & Honey

Both tomato and honey provide a multitude of health benefits, so it comes as no surprise they can do wonders for your skin too. For instance, tomato contains a potent antioxidant, lycopene, which keeps your skin young while honey has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties and it also exerts soothing effects. Evidence shows that honey keeps skin youthful, slows down wrinkle formation, prevents infections, and regulates pH. Tomato and Honey are a powerful combination for radiant skin.
Make a paste by cutting up a slice of tomato and mixing it with a bit of honey. Apply the paste on your face before you go to bed and wash off when you wake up. The result is revitalised and glowing skin you’ll adore.

4. Quick Facial

If you don’t have too much time on your hands, but still want to have radiant skin, then quick facial is your answer. When cleansing your face, use a microfiber cloth to massage the cleanser into each section of the facial skin with little, gentle, downward strokes to release the tension. Your skin will instantly look brighter and more energised. It’s important to avoid harsh, long strokes!

5. Green Tea For Acne

Oily skin makes you more susceptible to acne, although they’re harmless, acne can be quite frustrating and difficult to get rid of. Needless to mention that acne is bad news for skin glow. You can eliminate this problem and restore skin radiance with help from green tea, thanks to its antimicrobial and antioxidant compounds that fight acne. To use green tea as one of acne treatments you should make a cup of tea as you would usually do, let it cool off, and wash your face with it. Another option is to place the tea bag on the affected area.

6. Eye Mask

The skin around eyes is delicate because it doesn’t have sebaceous glands. This particular area is prone to fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, and under-eye bags, all of which contribute to lifeless, instead of radiant complexion. The skin around your eyes needs some “cheering up” too, and you can do it with this effective mask.

All you have to do is to combine egg white, carrot, and aloe vera until you get a smooth mixture. Apply the mask around your eyes and wash it off in 15-30 minutes. Then, apply a rich moisturiser.

7. Yogurt As Face Mask

Yogurt improves your digestion and gut health, but its benefits don’t stop there. It is rich in nutrients and also contains lactic acid which is well-known for skin-brightening properties. What makes yogurt amazing is that you can apply it on your skin regardless of the skin type. The easiest way to use yogurt is to rub it gently into your skin and wash it off after a few minutes with lukewarm water. Ideally, you should do this once a day for several weeks, and you’ll notice big changes in your complexion. Yogurt can serve as a cheaper alternative to top skin brighteners or a complementary tool. Other options include mixing yogurt and honey and repeating the same process.


Glowing skin gives us a major confidence boost. With seven easy DIY hacks, you can restore radiance to your skin in an entirely natural fashion. Besides these useful tips, exercise regularly, eat a well-balanced diet, get enough sleep, and establish a regular skin care routine for optimal skin health.