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 Wednesday, 07 February 2018

Nine Basic Beauty Tips Every Woman Should Know

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Meighan Sembrano

Almost every woman would like to look their best at any given time.

However, many do not realise their dream due to the misconception that beauty is expensive and thus they might not be able to afford it. It is good to note that any woman can be beautiful without spending too much money. A lot of work has been done and beauty specialists such as Colaz and others went into great pain not only to help but also to educate both men and women on how to keep their hair and skin healthy. This post will discuss some basic beauty tips you can follow to achieve your goals.

1. Wash Your Face Regularly

In most cases, your face is what everyone sees first when you meet. As such, keeping it beautiful and healthy should be your concern (don't overdo it) and you can achieve that without breaking a bank. You should wash your face at least twice or thrice per day using a mild cleanser that works best for your skin. There are different types of cleanser formulations designed to cater for different types of skin and thus you should choose one that is for your skin type. Other options available for cleansing include Aloe-Vera. When washing your face, avoid excessively chilly or hot water as these could result in broken blood vessels.

2. Stay Hydrated

Water can heal anything. It is of great importance for your well being as it helps not only in the removal of toxins from the body but also in hydrating your skin. You should at least take approximately seven glasses of pure water per day to help keep your body healthy and skin hydrated.

3. Eat Lots Of Fruits And Vegetables

What you eat will eventually manifest through your skin. Eating healthy will leave your skin radiant and healthy while a poor diet could result in cases of blemishes, pimples and whiteheads among other things. You should choose your eating regime carefully but include more fruits and veggies as these are rich in vitamins. Consider eating avocados, oats, spinach and other foods that aren't laden with fat as these will trigger the beginning of unpleasant pimples.

4. Use Body Lotion

The use of a body lotion is very important and this should be done to the whole body. However, it is good to concentrate on areas that are prone to dryness in order to keep them moisturised including knees, elbows and heels among others. Using the right lotion on your body which will prevent your skin from looking dry.

5. Take Time To Rest

Restlessness and stress can easily show on the skin. Normally, failure to rest properly will result in dull, pallid, droopy and tired skin and in most cases pimples will manifest on the surface. It is important for you to enjoy quality resting moments as this invigorates your skin leaving it looking healthy. Make sure you rest well at night before embarking on the next busy day.

6. Exercise Consistently

You should take time to engage in exercises that will make you sweat. Sweating is a good way of cleaning both your body and the skin as it allows toxins to leave the body and the skin pores to unblock for better breathing. As you sweat, your skin will be releasing waste and at the same time taking in clean oxygen which invigorates it. Make sure to bathe after sweating.

7. Take Time For Facials

Facials also work perfectly well when it comes to skin beauty. This is especially true if done properly using the right products. If you want to have a youthful and brilliant-looking skin, just consider doing facials every now and then as this will help eliminate nasty-looking dead skin and leave your skin looking great.

8. Use SPF

The direct rays of the sun can be unforgiving to your skin especially the face. Whenever you're going outdoors for prolonged moments on a sunny day, make sure you protect yourself by wearing a cap and a moisturiser especially one that has SPF. This will keep your skin shielded from serious effects of the sun which could leave you looking older than you are and also from the development of premature wrinkles, skin discolouration and brown spots.

9. Don't Overdo Your Make-up

Many women make the mistake of overdoing their makeup in a bid to conceal some spots or blemishes. While you could succeed in doing this, building a coating on tops of your skin only clogs the pores thus preventing the skin from breathing properly. If you have to do your makeup, just be moderate and make sure it's washed away before you sleep.

With these 9 basic beauty tips, you can enjoy a healthy life and maintain a youthful looking skin for long. These tips are not only practical but also inexpensive to follow. Why not start the journey today and save yourself a lot of stress?

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