Thursday, 29 November 2018

G Renew Lipid Bubbles Serum

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Add some bubbles to your wish list in the form of skincare this Christmas, with Sesderma’s Factor G Renew Lipid Bubbles Serum 30ml.

Sesderma is a powerful anti-ageing concentrate to stimulate cellular regeneration and improve the appearance of your skin. Ideal for use as a base treatment, put four drops of the product on your hand and massage in to the face before your usual treatment.

• Firms the facial contours
• Restores freshness and youthful beauty to your skin
• Regenerates the skin perfectly
• Hydrates and nourishes effectively
• Restores skin elasticity

Created in 1989 by revered dermatologist Dr Gabriel Serrano, Sesderma has its roots firmly in dermatology. Sesderma was the first laboratory in Spain to launch creams that contained glycolic acid and continued efforts to reinvent the way we understand dermatology, applying nanotechnology and transforming skincare treatments. Sesderma invested in liposomes, minute spherical vesicles comprised of one or more lipid bilayers, which protect active ingredients by preventing oxidation and degradation whilst providing stability of the formulations. Liposomes allow for a controlled and sustained release of active ingredients that act on the target.

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